the team


Benn (theflamey): Co-founder

Father of two, rotund, bearded, wannabe gamer. My first gaming experience was when my dad brought home a ZX Spectrum and from that moment I was hooked. I keep thinking to myself I should really grow up but who am I kidding, it’s part of who I am. Game collector and interested by retro emulation, my latest addiction is to insert coin clothing thanks, in part, to my friend and co-founder Lopez.



Asa (Lopez): Co-founder

I’m in my 30s now but still have no intention of growing up. I like films, computer games, books and comics, with some drinking and football thrown in there for good measure. I also have a small addiction to geeky t-shirts which I’m trying to overcome but failing at due to the sheer number of awesome ones out there tempting me (Sans beard).



Alan (theJohn): Co-founder

A 40 something, silver haired fox, with a love of gaming, technology, films, children (my own) and women (my wife). I have experienced a good 30 years of the gaming world, worked within the gaming sector and played with myself and others for many hours. My opinion doesn’t count, but it’s mine none the less.



Stephen (Colonelkatafi): Chief Editor

Hi, I’m Steve and I love anything to do with the 80’s! Music, movies, games, you name it. I haven’t been writing long but I think I’ve found my new passion. I enjoy writing about games and connecting to the gaming community, be it creators, developers or fellow writers. I have a young family who are, and always will be, my greatest and proudest achievement!



Patrick (Pat_mandu): Lead Contributor

What’s Up Everybody, I’m Patrick and it may seem weird to say but I love Stories! Games, Books, Film, all of it. If it’s got a good story or an over-the-top ridiculous romp, I’m in. I love writing about my experiences with stories and even do a bit of fiction myself. Also certified coffee and Irish whiskey expert.



Swooshite: Contributor and VR specialist

Father of two (cats), skinny fat at best, patchy bearded, slightly dubious gamer. I’ve owned pretty much every console since the NES and that includes a NEOGEO Pocket! These days, if i’m not still seeking out Korok seeds, i’m in (slightly fuzzy) PSVR heaven. Looking forward to sharing my thoughts with anyone who might care.