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Nefarious – Nintendo Switch

Saving the princess and being the good guy is so played out, now it’s your turn to be the bad guy. Play as Crow, an evil-doer with a conscious and sense of humour. Crush the heroes and steal away their beloved princesses, while cracking jokes and being evil […]

Spheroids – Nintendo Switch

Spheroids is an awkward and boring platformer that will leave you sad. The game was made using Unity but looks like a free app I downloaded to create my own game, not flattering. A slow loading screen stands between you and the worst Switch game I’ve played to […]

Pato Box – Nintendo Switch

Pato Box is what happens if you take a pinch of the classic Nintendo Entertainment System game Punch-Out!! and throw in some old-school 1st / 3rd person game engine to give you a world to explore in-between boss fights. The game’s presentation is ultra cool with a minimalistic […]

Dreamcast games coming to Switch?

Back in 1998 Sega released their last hurrah in the form of the Dreamcast. We know what came next, despite a fantastic library of games, consumers decided to wait for the impending release from Sony with their PlayStation 2. Helped in no small part with the inclusion of […]

Squids Odyssey – Nintendo Switch

Part tactical RPG, part Peggle, part Bust-A-Move. Squids Odyssey is an amalgamation of different game types, which essentially adds a puzzle-like element to a regular RPG battle system. Released back in 2011 on iOS and subsequently on the 3DS and Wii U, Squids Odyssey is a well-polished game […]

Nintendo Switch sales rocket!!

Ever since the announcement of the Nintendo Switch, there has been scepticism and doubt among gamers around the viability of a handheld console. People looked at the failure of the Wii U and thought that Nintendo was done with the hardware console market, especially with the runaway success […]

E3 2018: Notes of a man child

Well, the announcements are done and dusted now and overall I’d say it’s been an underwhelming conference this year. I think this was due to a lack of any true surprises as it seems like a lot of stuff got leaked in advance this year where that isn’t […]

E3 2018: Because F*ck Nazis

So before I go into my opinions on each major event at this year’s E3, let’s bring up the white elephant in the room. My username. Ben.tendo. Sounds a bit biased don’t it. And yeah, I have a Hyrulian shield on my wallet. I do own the majority […]

Deep Space – Xbox One

Bigger Bugs Than Starship Troopers: Let me first address a huge issue I came across when first playing this game. I’m not sure whether it’s because Deep Space hasn’t been fully optimised for Xbox One use or whether it’s a bug that hasn’t been addressed yet but in […]