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Varion – Nintendo Switch

Varion is a hectic arcade game with the goal of shooting your opponents, but only if the shots bounce off a wall. Play as your choice of remote control robots and battle to the death. There are different themed levels to fight in, but the layout will change […]

Brawl – Nintendo Switch

Brawl is a Bomberman type “drop bombs” game that uses dark themes for reasons I can’t explain. I don’t think the name is very fitting considering you don’t fight anything, you casually drop bombs and hope you explode them near an enemy robot. The objective is to use […]

Nefarious – Nintendo Switch

Saving the princess and being the good guy is so played out, now it’s your turn to be the bad guy. Play as Crow, an evil-doer with a conscious and sense of humour. Crush the heroes and steal away their beloved princesses, while cracking jokes and being evil […]

Xeodrifter – Nintendo Switch

Xeodrifter is an action adventure game that is geared towards the Metroid category. You’re exploring in space when your ship explodes, leaving you to gather materials across four worlds in order to get your ship back in order. I am in love with this art style, the colours […]