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Apex Legends: 5 Top Tips to become an Apex Champion

Howdy folks and welcome to Kings Canyon! The Mac Daddy has some basic beginner tips to start you off on your Battle Royale grind >


Free-to-play Games for the Nintendo Switch

The growing trend of free-to-play games has well and truly hit the Nintendo Switch with some of today’s most popular titles following this model such as Fortnite. We here at TBG like to make things simple for you so here’s a quick recap of everything that is currently available for free on the eShop >

Fortnite hits Nintendo Switch

Nintendo fans have been embracing Fortnite: Battle Royale for nearly a month now, and I thought I would share some experiences about the game on this format. There cant be many people on the planet who have not heard or, or know what Fortnite is. Kids and grown […]