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Frost – Nintendo Switch

As a game reviewer you can’t expect to always review games of the genre you favour most. It’s virtually impossible that you will be reviewing games such as Breath Of The Wild or Horizon Zero Dawn week in week out. What that does mean though is your horizons […]

Omega Strike – Xbox One

Omega Strike is clearly a retro-themed game and takes a nod at some of the great 2D run and gun games of the past, such as Metal Slug and its sequels. But it did certainly feel a bit more “vertical” than the Metal Slug series, and actually plays […]

INK – Nintendo Switch

This month we see INK release on Nintendo Switch adding to the ever-growing array of Nindies available in the eshop. Originally released in 2015 on Steam it has also been ported over to the PlayStation 4. INK sets itself out as a fast-paced action, puzzle platformer with a […]