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The Age of “No More Surprises” in Video Games

In this day of technology and social media we wake up to information leaks all the time. In most cases it’s not on behalf of, or the will of the company being leaked. Do you enjoy these sneak previews not meant for the public eye? I for one, […]


Xeodrifter – Nintendo Switch Review

Xeodrifter Release 15/02/2018 Switch version tested Review code provided Xeodrifter is an action adventure game that is geared towards the Metroid category. You’re exploring in space when your ship explodes, leaving you to gather materials across four worlds in order to get your ship back in order. I […]

Soccer Slammers – Nintendo Switch Review

Soccer Slammers Release 14/06/2018 Switch version tested Review code provided With World Cup hype reaching fever pitch, we see the release of Soccer Slammers on Nintendo Switch. The game is pitched as an arcade football title from developer and publisher Atooi who boast retro roots with a modern mojo. Atooi is the […]