No Thing – Nintendo Switch

No Thing was an out-and-out impulse buy for me. It was available on the store to preorder for just over £1 because I had previously purchased a game from the same publisher. It tells the story of an office clerk who is sent with an important message to […]

Slayaway Camp – Nintendo Switch

Mass murder has never been more adorable… Recently I’ve been playing Slayaway Camp on the Switch, it’s a puzzle game where the basic idea is to move your character around a map to murder the various characters positioned within the map and once all characters have been suitably […]

Star Wars open world game?

According to a recent posting on EA’s own job site, we can expect a new open world Star Wars game in the not too distant future. EA advertised a vacancy for someone to ‘lead a team to deliver online features for an open world Star Wars project’. Well, […]

Slime-San – Nintendo Switch

Seriously, where do I start with this crazy game! When I picked this game up my initial thoughts were that it didn’t look much and it was a throwback from the ZX Spectrum, boy was I wrong! Slime-San is a fast-paced 2D platformer which will delight and frustrate […]

Bleed 2 – Nintendo Switch

Bleed 2 on the Nintendo Switch is the sequel to Bootdisk Revolutions 2012 title Bleed, not a clever name for the sequel but it does the job. Bleed was released as part of the ill-fated Xbox Live indies range but thankfully later it was released on a whole […]

Sparkle 2: Evo – Nintendo Switch

Sparkle 2 Evo is an out and out clone of Flow and that’s probably the biggest compliment I can give it. Back in 2007 thatgamecompany released their first ever game on the PlayStation 3, it was part of an exclusive three-game deal with Sony. Flow was a strange […]