oOo: Ascension – Nintendo Switch

A small, simple game is sometimes all you need to sustain your happiness and they can even sometimes be the best games. That is a stretch in oOo: Ascension’s case but it is certainly a sustainable and at points addictive game. oOo: Ascension brings together puzzle elements with […]

Varion – Nintendo Switch

Varion is a hectic arcade game with the goal of shooting your opponents, but only if the shots bounce off a wall. Play as your choice of remote control robots and battle to the death. There are different themed levels to fight in, but the layout will change […]

Brawl – Nintendo Switch

Brawl is a Bomberman type “drop bombs” game that uses dark themes for reasons I can’t explain. I don’t think the name is very fitting considering you don’t fight anything, you casually drop bombs and hope you explode them near an enemy robot. The objective is to use […]

Robbotto – Nintendo Switch

Robbotto is a retro-inspired, arcade platformer from Swedish indie developer JMJ Interactive and is currently available on the Steam platform and Nintendo Switch. Although it doesn’t really detail any of the backstory the game is set onboard a malfunctioning spaceship which is slowly drifting through the vastness of the universe. The […]

Sky Time – Nintendo Switch

If you read my review of the colossal arse of a game, Tiny Hands Adventure, and you love to read reviews about catastrophic steaming turds in our video game world, then please do continue to peruse this article. Hitler didn’t do it alone, he had the help of […]

Hardway Party – Nintendo Switch

Hardway Party is a fast-paced action puzzle racing game by Polish indie developer Wastelands Interactive and releases on the Nintendo eShop this month. It is an expanded version of the hit free to start mobile title Hardway – Endless Road Builder. From the main menu you are presented […]