Super Mario Party – Nintendo Switch

To paraphrase a well known 90’s group now seen regularly at Butlin’s music weekends, there ain’t no party like a Mario Party. Since 1998, Mario and his friends (and frenemies, to coin a phrase used by the age range of people who go to Butlin’s music weekends) have […]

Monster Loves You! – Nintendo Switch

Radial Games brings its adventure life-sim game to the Nintendo Switch. Monster Loves You! follows the life and times of a monster that is formed and shaped by the decisions you as the player make. From creation day the newborn monster crawls from a vat of slime growing […]

Whispering Willows – Nintendo Switch

In an era where 2D sidescrollers and exploration games are potentially saturating the market, whether they be games such as Shovel Knight with Ducktales like elements, or even the Boulder Dash esque Steamworld Dig, it will take something different and intriguing to stand out amongst these successful titles. […]

Defunct – Nintendo Switch

Released at the end of 2017 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, Defunct has now been ported across to Nintendo Switch. The question is did we need it? At a glance Defunct looks like a run of the mill runner style game, however, in essence, this game is […]