Go Vacation – Nintendo Switch

Seven years ago Namco Bandai leapt aboard the Wii Sports bandwagon and released Go Vacation on the Nintendo Wii, much the same as games of that ilk, it was a collection of 50 mini-games for one to four players, played predominantly through split-screen and utilising the unique Wii-mote […]

Sausage Sports Club – Nintendo Switch

Founded in 2015 Luckshot Games is an indie studio and brainchild of game designer Chris Wade, not the MMA fighter one would presume. Chris has a number of games in his portfolio and even helped on the much-praised Mortal Kombat X during his time at NetherRealm as Associate Software Engineer. Luckshot […]

Awkward – Xbox One

Awkward is a new party game from developers Snap Finger Click and features over a staggering 5,000 fiendish questions for you and your friends to answer. It will be available on Steam, PlayStation, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch from the 5th June. Snap Finger Click was founded in November 2015 by Ed Gladwin […]