One Eyed Kutkh – Nintendo Switch

One Eyed Kutkh is an interesting game of sorts, even its title is hard to pronounce correctly so don’t test me. At heart, it’s a classic point and click puzzle adventure. It’s an experimental project that sits somewhere between video game, theatre performance and animated film. To their […]

My love of retro gaming!

Like many others I have an immense passion and fondness in everything retro gaming, what it boils down to I guess is that I’m trying to relive my childhood. Sometimes it pays off and I get that same childlike excitement, if only short lived. Other times it simply […]

Lopez: An E3 2018 wishlist

We’re a couple of months away from E3 where a lot of the latest games are announced or new footage is shown for games that are already known about. Traditionally my friends and I will watch the press conferences for Sony, Microsoft, EA and Ubisoft (and Nintendo on […]