Indie Division


Welcome to the two beard gaming official League Table, here you’ll find the detail of every game we have had the pleasure of reviewing. AAA, indie, good or bad they’re all here, in rank order, by the score that was given at the time. We have additionally made note of the format we played it on.


We have opted to rate each game using a standard 0 to 10 scale but what does that actually mean in the real world? Here is a quick breakdown of where we see each score in the scale.

Perfect 10 – Go buy the game now!
7 to 9 – Worth picking up, even at full price
4 to 6 – Enjoyable but maybe wait for the sale
1 to 3 – Poor, next months free PS+ contender
Sub 0 – We wasted our time so you don’t have to



Hyper Light Drifter (Switch)
Journey (PS3)


The Gardens Between (Switch)
Danger Zone 2 (Xbox One)
Dead Cells (Switch)
Wulverblade (Xbox One)
20XX (Switch)
Two Point Hospital (Win/Mac/Linux)
Steamworld Dig (Switch)
Dust: An Elysian Tail (Switch)
State of Mind (Win/Mac/Linux)
Full Blast (Switch)
Wailing Heights (Xbox One)


Slime-San (Switch) 8.5
Tales from Space, Mutant Blobs Attack (Vita) 8.5
Overcooked 2 (Switch)
Tricky Towers (Switch)
Feral Fury (Switch)
1979 Revolution: Black Friday (Switch)
The Escapists: Complete (Switch)
Bleed 2 (Switch)
Xeodrifter (Switch)
Zen Bound 2 (Switch)
Streets of Red: Devils Dare Deluxe (Switch)
Reverie (PS4)
Toki Tori 2+ (Switch)
INK (Switch)
I, Hope (Xbox One)


Cat Quest (Switch) 7.5
oOo: Ascension (Switch) 7.5
Nefarious (Switch) 7.5
Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Ultimate Edition (Xbox One)
The Way Remastered (Switch)
Whispering Willows (Switch)
Alteric (Vita)
Awkward (Xbox One)
The Mooseman (Switch)
Earthfall (Win/Mac/Linux)
Slayaway Camp (Switch)
Nine Parchments (Switch)
Sausage Sports Club (Switch)
Omega Strike (Xbox One)
Saturday Morning RPG (Switch)
Don’t Die, Mr Robot! DX (Switch)
Frost (Switch)
Soccer Slammers (Switch)
Solbot Energy Rush (iOS/Android)
It’s Spring Again (Switch)


Miles and Kilo (Switch) 6.5
Save the Ninja Clan (Switch) 6.5
Bounder (iOS/Android) 6.5
Pato Box (Switch)
CricktoGame (Switch)
Heroki (Switch)
SkyScrappers (Switch)
Valthirian Arc (Switch)
Squids Odyssey (Switch)
Iconoclasts (Switch)
Stay (Switch)
Danger Mouse: The Danger Games (Switch)
Defunct (Switch)
Sigi: A Fart for Melusina (Switch)
Monster Loves You! (Switch)
Riddled Corpses EX (Xbox One)
Yuso (Switch)
1917: The Alien Invasion DX (Switch)
Animal Super Squad (Switch)
Super Skull Smash Go! 2 Turbo (PS4 / Vita)
Claybook (Xbox One)
State of Anarchy: Master of Mayhem (Switch)
PolyGod (Switch)
One Eyed Kutkh (Switch)
Gekido: Kintaro’s Revenge (PS4)


No Thing (Switch) 5.5
Haunted Dungeons (Switch) 5.5
Jackbox Party Pack 5 (Switch)
The Adventures of Bertram Fiddle (Switch)
Cycle 28 (Switch)
Sparkle 2: Evo (Switch)
Airheart (PS4)
Hello Neighbor (Switch)
The Fall (Switch)
Asemblance 2: Oversight (PS4)
Daemonical (Win/Mac/Linux)


Rise and Shine (Switch) 4.5
Doctor Who Infinity (iOS/Android)
Detective Gallo (Switch)
Fall of Light: Darkest Edition (Switch)
Fast Striker (Vita)
Robbotto (Switch)
Flying Tigers: Shadows over China (Xbox One)
North (PS4)
Chicken Assassin: Reloaded (Switch)
Deep Space (Xbox One)
Grab the Bottle (Switch)


Varion (Switch)
Brawl (Switch)
Vertical Drop Heroes (Switch)
Hardway Party (Switch)
Unexplored: Unlocked Edition (Switch)
Shikhondo: Soul Eater (Switch)
Punch Line (Vita)
Guts and Glory (Switch)
Deep Ones (Xbox One)
WorldNeverland, Elnea Kingdom (Switch)
Where Are My Friends? (Switch)
Spiral Splatter (Switch)


Three Fourths Home (Switch)
Battle Supremacy (Switch)
Dream Alone (Switch)


Spheroids (Switch)


Tiny Hands Adventure (Switch)
The One We Found (Xbox One)