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Trevor – Surrealrager
PR Mangaer & Lead Writer
Twitter: @surrealrager

SUP! My name is Trevor I’m 28 and from Ohio. I grew up playing Mario on NES and SNES then Crash Bandicoot on PlayStation just to name some favourites. I love spicy food and trying new things. Nintendo Switch is my current favourite console. I’ve always wanted to write reviews so I’m happy to be on board with two beard gaming!



Simon – Bookofcomic2
Game Reviewer & Comic book guy
Twitter: @sholmes169

A guy in his thirties that spends entirely too much time playing games and watching movies and TV shows.  My love of games first came about with the ZX Spectrum and has kept going to current gen. At the moment I spend my time between PC, PS4, Xbox One and still spend a large amount of time on my Vita due to my daily commutes. I have a healthy collection of retro consoles as well.



Ben – Ben.tendo
Game Reviewer & Time Lord
Twitter: @littlesmegger

A thirty-year-old “adult” with a Zelda wallet, Pokémon text alert, and still games like he’s a six-year-old (anyone for a game of Plok? No?). Started off on a Commodore 64 and now feels that cassettes took less time to load than most online games do. Mostly into Nintendo and Retro, but still dabbles on his Xbox One and PS4 when anything different comes out. His guilty gaming pleasure is soundtracks, so you will probably see them mentioned in most reviews/blogs as he feels they’re a forgotten aspect of the overall experience. Oh; and don’t challenge him to a game of Mario Kart, because he will thrash you (or so he likes to think anyway)…



Brandon – PeachesPlumber
Game Reviewer & Cat Lover
Twitter: @therealdealbcox

A thirty-something year old guy. Lifelong gamer, wrestling fanatic, and cat lover. Amiibo collector. I also play the drums in a band with some friends that will one day take the world by storm. I’ve had my best gaming experiences with Mario, Zelda, and the Souls’ series.



Harriet – DaggersMcTimbers
Twitter: @daggermctimbers

Super intense, mega nerdy, easily excited 27-year-old hardware nerd with a heart of gold and a mean streak. I love video games, live action role-play, red wine, equal rights, board games, D&D, people and dogs. I mostly just hate onions and bad people. Eyeliner is usually sharp enough to cause a paper cut. Favourite games include (but are not limited to) the Elder Scrolls series from Arena onwards, Sea of Thieves, the Fallout series from Fallout 3 onwards, Destiny and Ark: Survival Evolved. I’ll try anything once!



James Baldwin
Twitter: @jrbgaming

Since I was a young lad I’ve grown up playing Nintendo. But now, instead of just messing around with them and having a laugh (It’s okay, I still do), I also write and review about them; a true passion of mine.



Jared – jmac857
Twitter: @jmac857

Hello guys, I’m Jmac! I’m on the young side at only 17 years old! My dream is to be a Pokémon master…well not exactly but I sure do love Pokémon! I also love Zelda. And Mario. And Fire Emblem. Yeah, I like a lot of things. My first console was the Gameboy Advance and I’ve been 100% Nintendo since then. You can either find me writing some stories, playing some games or watching anime. Those who say Ocarina of Time is the greatest game ever made are right!



Benn – theflamey
Twitter: @theflamey

Father of two, rotund, bearded, wannabe gamer. My first gaming experience was when my dad brought home a ZX Spectrum and from that moment I was hooked. I keep thinking to myself I should really grow up but who am I kidding, it’s part of who I am. Game collector and interested in retro emulation, my latest addiction is to insert coin clothing thanks, in part, to my friend and co-founder Lopez.



Asa – Lopez
Twitter: @asalopezgreen

Into my 30s and very much a manchild, I like computer games, films and comics. My first console was the Sega Master System and I’ve not really looked back since then and will always have a soft spot for Sega. I’m a big fan of a good RPG, definitely my favourite gaming genre. I have far too many Insert Coin t-shirts (this will never be true) and think Aliens: Colonial Marines is quite literally the worst game ever made. I can also confirm that I am incapable of growing a beard.



Alan – theJohn
Twitter: @thejohninc

A 40 something, silver-haired fox, with a love of gaming, technology, films, children (my own) and women (my wife). I have experienced a good 30 years in the gaming world, worked in the gaming sector and played with myself and others for many hours. My opinion doesn’t count, but it’s mine none the less.



Stephen – Colonelkatafi
PR & Social Manager
Twitter: @colonelkatafi

Hi, I’m Steve and I love anything to do with the 80’s! Music, movies, games, you name it. I haven’t been writing long but I think I’ve found my new passion. I enjoy writing about games and connecting to the gaming community, be it creators, developers or fellow writers. I have a young family who is, and always will be, my greatest and proudest achievement!



Scott – thebigmacdaddy
Ideas, Reviews & Subway aficionado
Twitter: @TheBigMacDaddy

The Mac is back! A 6 foot 7 games playing machine. Xbox and Nintendo fan, and impartial to a bit of PlayStation too. Happy to experience all genres, but do like a shooter. Enjoy gaming time with my friends and son. It is a privilege to be writing with my friends for a website. My other hobbies include going to the gym, kickboxing and collecting steelbooks. Somehow I still find time to play games.


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