Category: Xbox One

Aaero – Xbox One

When you hear the word Aaero you probably think of a light bubbly chocolate bar, but it’s actually a video game and a very good one at that. To give context as to what type of game Aaero is, I would describe it as a rhythm shooter game […]

Omen of Sorrow – PlayStation 4

Omen of Sorrow is a fighting game that takes characters from classic literature and pits them against a more horror-themed background to layout this story-driven fighter. It is the vision of developer AOne Games who are a small independent team formed in 2015 and looks to be their […]

Super Pixel Racers – Xbox One

On your marks, get set GO! Super Pixel Racers is drifting onto PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this month. This latest effort from H2 interactive and PQube is a retro-inspired top-down racer with 2D pixel graphics and pumping soundtrack. Super Pixel Racers offers thirteen tracks set all over the […]

Diary of the Red Dead – Chapter One

Red Dead Redemption 2 is undoubtedly one of, if not the biggest, gaming releases of all time. It has taken developer Rockstar Games eight years of hard work bringing together a team of hundreds to realise their ultimate vision of the Wild West. It’s mindblowing to think that […]

Claybook – Xbox One

Want a relaxing, wholesome video game? We’ve got the one for you. I delved into the world of clay in this colourful indie game from Second Order. Upon opening the game I was greeted with a bright and breezy introduction screen and cheerful music to accompany it. The […]