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Wulverblade – Xbox One

Wulverblade is an old-school action side-scrolling brawler that is set in 120AD Britannia. The Roman army has taken control of what we know today as Scotland and also the majority of Britain. The northern tribes have had enough of their land being taken and decide the time is right […]

I, Hope – Xbox One

Where to start, when I first saw this game it gave me images of That Dragon, Cancer and Eternal Sonata in the way that it was dealing with its subject matter of cancer and the things that you need to fight this shitty disease. This is made more […]

Danger Zone 2 – Xbox One

The Burnout series of games was amazing wasn’t it, Paradise excluded for me. Well those fine people previously of Criterion, the team behind these titles, have now decided to create their own development studio, Three Fields Entertainment. This is down to the fact that they became disillusioned by the way in which […]