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Red Dead Redemption 2 gameplay reveal

At 4 PM today Rockstar released a six minute gameplay reveal of their forthcoming behemoth Red Dead Redemption 2. Complete with narration of some gameplay mechanics, we were treated to a stunning display of what we can all look forward to playing this October. Besides looking astonishing, the […]

Nintendo Direct Imminent!!

Speculation is rife at the moment around a Nintendo Direct landing this month. Depending on who you believe it could be early August (Marcus Sellars) or mid August (Leaky Pandy). Either way, an August Direct would follow a general Nintendo pattern. With the holiday season not to far […]

Nintendo Switch sales rocket!!

Ever since the announcement of the Nintendo Switch there has been scepticism and doubt among gamers around the viability of a handheld console. People looked at the failure of the Wii U and thought that Nintendo were done with the hardware console market, especially with the runaway success […]