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Remakes we actually want to see

Remakes and HD releases are all the rage these days. It allows gamers to legally access older classic titles on the latest generation of consoles and give developers a chance to revisit some of their best work alongside being another revenue stream. Today we asked the team about what would be […]

Best Peripheral of All Time?

Following on from the discussion about controllers we’ve had recently I was asked what I thought the best peripheral was. This got me thinking and I’ve used some good ones over the years, There’s one clear winner in my mind but there’s a few worth talking about before […]

Best Controller of All Time?

A Twitter post sparked an interest in knowing what is the best controller of all time? We took the time to ask each team member what their pick was, in addition to their first controller: Trev – Surrealrager My first controller was the NES stock controller. Simple and […]

Lopez: An E3 2018 wishlist

We’re a couple of months away from E3 where a lot of the latest games are announced or new footage is shown for games that are already known about. Traditionally my friends and I will watch the press conferences for Sony, Microsoft, EA and Ubisoft (and Nintendo on […]