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From Button Masher to Smashing Hunter

I’ve got a confession to make. My name is Jill and I am a recovering button masher. I say recovering because if you were to engage me in a game of Tekken or Super Smash Bros, there is a 90% chance I’ll just spam the kick button >


TBG Game of the Year 2018

Every website and publication has a countdown to their game of the year, and we at Two Beard Gaming are no different. 2018 has produced some rather outstanding games across all three of the current generation consoles, however asking someone what their favourite game of this past year was is a tough question >

Video Game Reviews Should Be Updated

Writing video game reviews is fun and a great creative outlet but the end requires scoring the game, which can be daunting. There is pressure to be objective here and subjective there, it should be based on your personal opinion overall though. Backlash from readers typically weighs on […]