Category: Game Reviews

Hardway Party – Nintendo Switch

Hardway Party is a fast-paced action puzzle racing game by Polish indie developer Wastelands Interactive and releases on the Nintendo eShop this month. It is an expanded version of the hit free to start mobile title Hardway – Endless Road Builder. From the main menu you are presented […]

Fast Striker – PlayStation Vita

Fast Striker is an old school 2D vertical scrolling shoot ’em up from developer and publisher Eastasiasoft Limited. Releasing on both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, benefiting from the Cross-Buy feature, it is a port of the last ever Dreamcast release from 2010. A year later it also made an appearance […]

Starlink: Battle for Atlas – Nintendo Switch

Hyped online since E3 of this year, Starlink by Ubisoft’s team in Toronto was one of this year’s surprise announcements that has been anticipated ever since its reveal. Whilst available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the biggest surprise was the Nintendo Switch version continuing Ubisoft’s special relationship […]

Tricky Towers – Nintendo Switch

Tricky Towers is a Tetris clone with fun and colourful twists. For fans of the puzzle genre, this is a must-have for your collection. There are six different modes of play utilized in online battle, local battle, and single player. Choose one of four characters and tile designs […]

Feral Fury – Nintendo Switch

Feral Fury is Skandivania Games take on the classic twin-stick shooter genre while adding rogue-lite elements into the equation. The team of two from Norway have created a gritty, bleak and futuristic vision of the universe. Mankind is long gone after destroying itself in a futile war over oil and […]

Super Mario Party – Nintendo Switch

To paraphrase a well known 90’s group now seen regularly at Butlin’s music weekends, there ain’t no party like a Mario Party. Since 1998, Mario and his friends (and frenemies, to coin a phrase used by the age range of people who go to Butlin’s music weekends) have […]