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i love spicy food and video games! I'm currently playing 20XX for Switch playing the daily challenges, and gathering all party members for Octopath Traveler. For Xbox One I'm playing Far Cry 5. On mobile I'm playing Pokemon Go. I'm looking forward to Mega Man 11 and Pokemon Let's Go!

Do you play more than one game at a time?

I do – because of the Nintendo Switch. Recently I was switching between Miles and Kilo, Octopath Traveler, and Enter The Gungeon. A great combination of games considering their genre: quick-play platformer, JRPG, and roguelike respectively. For this scenario let’s stick with Switch for the sake of example. […]

Best Controller of All Time?

A Twitter post sparked an interest in knowing what is the best controller of all time? We took the time to ask each team member what their pick was, in addition to their first controller: Trev – Surrealrager My first controller was the NES stock controller. Simple and […]

Review – 20XX (Nintendo Switch)

Picture Mega Man X in a faster, more imaginative, roguelike game and you have 20XX. Before the game begins you have the option to scout upgrades for later purchase (in-game collectibles, not money), daily/weekly challenges that include an online ranking system, boss rush runs and a seeded challenge. […]