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Father. Rotund. Bearded. Gamer. Drinker. I once completed Super Meat Boy without dying. Game collector and interested in retro emulation, my latest addiction is to Insert Coin clothing.

Hello Neighbor – Nintendo Switch

In Hello Neighbor you play a seemingly innocent child who is chasing his runaway ball down the street. It eventually comes to a halt outside a shady house where someone was clearly in a hurry, leaving a crashed car balancing on what is left of the garden fence. […]

Pato Box – Nintendo Switch

Pato Box is what happens if you take a pinch of the classic Nintendo Entertainment System game Punch-Out!! and throw in some old-school 1st / 3rd person game engine to give you a world to explore in-between boss fights. The game’s presentation is ultra cool with a minimalistic […]

Sausage Sports Club – Nintendo Switch

Founded in 2015 Luckshot Games is an indie studio and brainchild of game designer Chris Wade, not the MMA fighter one would presume. Chris has a number of games in his portfolio and even helped on the much-praised Mortal Kombat X during his time at NetherRealm as Associate Software Engineer. Luckshot […]

Awkward – Xbox One

Awkward is a new party game from developers Snap Finger Click and features over a staggering 5,000 fiendish questions for you and your friends to answer. It will be available on Steam, PlayStation, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch from the 5th June. Snap Finger Click was founded in November 2015 by Ed Gladwin […]

The Fall – Nintendo Switch

Over the Moon games bring their 2014 platformer game, The Fall, to Nintendo Switch. It is the first story in what they set out to be a mind-bending trilogy! To date we have been treated one of its sequels, aptly named The Fall Part 2: Unbound, which was released […]

Yuso – Nintendo Switch

Yuso is an all-new puzzle game from developer and publisher Vertical Reach releasing on Steam, Nintendo Switch and mobile platforms. Vertical Reach is a small independent team based in sunny Portugal and has had the pleasure of winning “Best Children’s Game” two years running in the PlayStation Premios contest […]

Grab the Bottle – Nintendo Switch

Grab the Bottle for Nintendo Switch is another release from developer and publisher Sometimes You. The title is a quirky puzzle game in which you must solve puzzles by stretching your arm through the level. If you can remember snake on the old Nokia’s then you won’t be […]

INK – Nintendo Switch

This month we see INK release on Nintendo Switch adding to the ever-growing array of Nindies available in the eshop. Originally released in 2015 on Steam it has also been ported over to the PlayStation 4. INK sets itself out as a fast-paced action, puzzle platformer with a […]

Zen Bound 2 – Nintendo Switch

You could be forgiven in thinking that Zen Bound 2 is a copy of the Treasure Chest mini-game from Nintendo’s 1-2-Switch just released as a standalone game but that isn’t true at all. In Nintendo’s the mini-game players frantically rotate the Joy-Con in an attempt to unravel chains […]