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Father. Rotund. Bearded. Gamer. Drinker. I once completed Super Meat Boy without dying. Game collector and interested in retro emulation, my latest addiction is to Insert Coin clothing.

Robbotto – Nintendo Switch

Robbotto is a retro-inspired, arcade platformer from Swedish indie developer JMJ Interactive and is currently available on the Steam platform and Nintendo Switch. Although it doesn’t really detail any of the backstory the game is set onboard a malfunctioning spaceship which is slowly drifting through the vastness of the universe. The […]

Hardway Party – Nintendo Switch

Hardway Party is a fast-paced action puzzle racing game by Polish indie developer Wastelands Interactive and releases on the Nintendo eShop this month. It is an expanded version of the hit free to start mobile title Hardway – Endless Road Builder. From the main menu you are presented […]

Fast Striker – PlayStation Vita

Fast Striker is an old school 2D vertical scrolling shoot ’em up from developer and publisher Eastasiasoft Limited. Releasing on both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, benefiting from the Cross-Buy feature, it is a port of the last ever Dreamcast release from 2010 >

Feral Fury – Nintendo Switch

Feral Fury is Skandivania Games take on the classic twin-stick shooter genre while adding rogue-lite elements into the equation. The team of two from Norway have created a gritty, bleak and futuristic vision of the universe. Mankind is long gone after destroying itself in a futile war over oil and […]

Monster Loves You! – Nintendo Switch

Radial Games brings its adventure life-sim game to the Nintendo Switch. Monster Loves You! follows the life and times of a monster that is formed and shaped by the decisions you as the player make. From creation day the newborn monster crawls from a vat of slime growing […]

Cycle 28 – Nintendo Switch

Cycle 28 is a fast-paced action space shooter that would sit perfectly at home in an early 80’s arcade. From the off, it feels like a cross between the Atari classic Asteroids and a game that my friend created when we were at school called Mayhem, which was essentially […]

PolyGod – Nintendo Switch

Polygod is another title in the ever-growing genre of rogue-like games, it seems to be the in thing at the moment so I’m curious to see what it has to offer and importantly does it stand out from the rest. PolyGod is the love child of developer Krafted […]