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Father of two, rotund, bearded, wannabe gamer. My first gaming experience was when my dad brought home a ZX Spectrum and from that moment I was hooked. I keep thinking to myself I should really grow up but who am I kidding, it’s part of who I am.

Review – Pato Box (Nintendo Switch)

Pato Box is what happens if you take a pinch of the classic Nintendo Entertainment System game Punch-Out!! and throw in some old-school 1st / 3rd person game engine to give you a world to explore in-between boss fights. The games presentation is ultra cool with a minimalistic […]

Review – Awkward (Xbox One)

Awkward is a new party game from developers Snap Finger Click and features over a staggering 5,000 fiendish questions for you and your friends to answer. It will be available on Steam, PlayStation, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch from the 5th June. Snap Finger Click was founded in November 2015 by Ed Gladwin […]

Review – Yuso (Nintendo Switch)

Yuso is an all new puzzle game from developer and publisher Vertical Reach releasing on Steam, Nintendo Switch and mobile platforms. Vertical Reach is a small independent team based in sunny Portugal and have had the pleasure of winning “Best Children’s Game” two years running in the PlayStation Premios […]