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TBG Game of the Year 2018

Every website and publication has a countdown to their game of the year, and we at Two Beard Gaming are no different. 2018 has produced some rather outstanding games across all three of the current generation consoles, however asking someone what their favourite game of this past year was is a tough question >

Sky Time – Nintendo Switch

If you read my review of the colossal arse of a game, Tiny Hands Adventure, and you love to read reviews about catastrophic steaming turds in our video game world, then please do continue to peruse this article. Hitler didn’t do it alone, he had the help of […]

Defunct – Nintendo Switch

Released at the end of 2017 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, Defunct has now been ported across to Nintendo Switch. The question is did we need it? At a glance Defunct looks like a run of the mill runner style game, however, in essence, this game is […]