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Red Dead Redemption 2 gameplay reveal

At 4 PM today Rockstar released a six minute gameplay reveal of their forthcoming behemoth Red Dead Redemption 2. Complete with narration of some gameplay mechanics, we were treated to a stunning display of what we can all look forward to playing this October. Besides looking astonishing, the […]

Dreamcast games coming to Switch?

Back in 1998 Sega released their last hurrah in the form of the Dreamcast. We know what came next, despite a fantastic library of games, consumers decided to wait for the impending release from Sony with their Playstation 2. Helped in no small part with the inclusion of […]

Review – Danger Zone 2 (Xbox One X)

The Burnout series of games was amazing wasn’t it? (Paradise excluded). Well those fine people at Criterion who made such titles decided to create their own company, Three Fields Entertainment, after they became disillusioned by the way in which EA treated them their IP and the games loving […]