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GRIS – Nintendo Switch

Too many websites have purely reviewed this game as just that, a game. But Gris isn’t as straightforward as that, and therefore we find a lot of reviews to be unjust and simply shallow. Gris is a piece of art >

Dexteritrip – Nintendo Switch

In the last week I wrote my review for Shift Happens (Insert Shameless Plug Here), and discussed the genre of the Puzzle Platformer and its occasional resurgence in gaming. Well ladies and gentlemen, when it rains, it pours. Dexteritrip is a futuristic puzzle platformer that is like Portal […]

Shift Happens – Nintendo Switch

Platform puzzlers go back a long way in the gaming world. For me, the first game I played in this genre was Chip’s Challenge on Windows 95 (Chips Challenge 2 is currently on Steam by the way, finally released after many many years of copyright limbo), for some […]

Starlink: Battle for Atlas – Nintendo Switch

Hyped online since E3 of this year, Starlink by Ubisoft’s team in Toronto was one of this year’s surprise announcements that has been anticipated ever since its reveal. Whilst available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the biggest surprise was the Nintendo Switch version continuing Ubisoft’s special relationship […]

Super Mario Party – Nintendo Switch

To paraphrase a well known 90’s group now seen regularly at Butlin’s music weekends, there ain’t no party like a Mario Party. Since 1998, Mario and his friends (and frenemies, to coin a phrase used by the age range of people who go to Butlin’s music weekends) have […]

Whispering Willows – Nintendo Switch

In an era where 2D sidescrollers and exploration games are potentially saturating the market, whether they be games such as Shovel Knight with Ducktales like elements, or even the Boulder Dash esque Steamworld Dig, it will take something different and intriguing to stand out amongst these successful titles. […]