[News] Space Commander: War and Trade – coming soon to Nintendo Switch

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War has never been so much fun! Space Commander: War and Trade – the sandbox space-sim is set to release May 13 on Nintendo Switch after previously being available on PC and Mobile platforms. Space Commander is set to retail for $9.99 / £8.99 digitally on the Nintendo eShop and offers an RPG experience with massive galactic battles.

Until the game officially releases, please enjoy the developer’s description below as well as the trailer!



Space Commander: War and Trade will allow you to become a space pilot, explore the stars, trade, and lead your fleet across the galaxy. Dive into the ultimate single-player space sim with multiple career paths, engaging gameplay mechanics, and diversified missions ranging from exciting space!

Key Features:

• Buy fighters, bombers, and transporters, customize them according to your needs, and build the biggest space fleet around.

• Pursue a mercenary, trader, or mobster career depending on your personal preferences and play style.

• Explore the furthest corners of the galaxy thanks to the in-game expanse module generating countless star systems waiting for your discovery.

• Get involved in a corporate war or fight aliens in multiple, diversified campaign scenarios.




For more information about the game, you can visit the official Nintendo eShop and pre-order today – www.nintendo.com and keep up to date with the latest developments via developer Home Net Games website here.


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