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Has it really been a month since the excellent team over at Super Rare Games announced that underwater adventure ABZÛ was getting a special Nintendo Switch physical release? Well, it must! Because today they are back to unveil the next title joining their lineup of limited editions. This time joining forces with Chucklefish and Hidden Layer Games to release story-driven puzzle platformer INMOST. This will make the first time ever the game will be available to own on Nintendo Switch in physical form and a must for all collectors.

INMOST features three playable characters, each with their own unique play style, and asks you to explore a deteriorating castle in search of answers to the puzzles laid before you. The emotional and intriguing storyline is set against a hauntingly beautiful pixel art world that is full of danger and an elusive evil! INMOST is another solid addition to anyones physical collection.

Inmost Super Rare


The fine print

We all know the drill by now but this is the important bit, so read on. Only 5,000 copies of INMOST will ever be crafted for you to purchase – of this number, there will be the opportunity for 2,000 lucky customers to own the Steelbook bundle which also includes the standard case and slipcover. One for tradition and video game preservation, the Super Rare Games cart will include all current content along with a colour manual, exclusive sticker, and three trading cards to round off the package.

INMOST is set to go on sale May 20th at 6 PM BST (10 AM PT/1 PM ET) and is available worldwide. You can check out the trailer here:



For more information on this great release and to preorder visit the official Super Rare Games website at superraregames.com.


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