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Ever fancied yourself star of the silver screen

Well, that dream could be one step closer to becoming a reality with What the Dub?! A brand new multiplayer party game developed by Wide Right Interactive that’s set to steal the scene in the genre carved out by the long-running Jackbox series. What The Dub?! launches April 8th on PC, Xbox, PlayStation and everyone’s favourite hybrid console – the Nintendo Switch.

What the Dub review


Whose line is it anyway?

The objective of the game is to complete the missing lines of dialogue within the given time limit and pulls from a library of over 300 ‘quality’ video clips played at random. Generally, clips are from B-movies, old public service announcements or obscure industrial films and provide the perfect opportunity to get those creative juices flowing. Just don’t expect to be given the time to scribe the next Oscar winner. After re-watching the clip with the missing lines added via text-to-speech, players then vote for their favourite answer or the one that is so bad, it’s good. The players with the most votes will be awarded points that are tallied up for a final position on the leaderboard when the round is over.

There isn’t any major variation in gameplay, besides the order of the clips, but you have the ability to change the number of rounds and the length of time allowed to input your answer. The real fun comes from the unpredictable nature of answers dreamt up and equally how the room reacts, things can turn pretty dark, pretty quick.


Fully charged

What The Dub?! can be played by up to 12 people simultaneously using a smartphone, tablet or pretty much anything with a web browser. Players simply log into the official website using the randomly generated room code for each round. Opting for this mechanic does away with the need for traditional controllers and instantly opens up the game to people who wouldn’t normally play video games.

There are a few minor annoyances that go hand in hand with this, though. none are game-breaking or detract from the overall fun. You’ll need to have plenty of charge, or a power cable in close proximity, and make sure the screen doesn’t go to sleep but those are the caveats we’ve come to expect with this style of play. The text-to-voice works but sounds a little robotic and is guided by what you input.



Final Words:

What The Dub?! is the perfect supplement to any party. The game can be played by anyone, with a smart device, and will even appeal to non-gamers. While rounds are fun and unpredictable there is a finite amount of times you can play before clips begin to recycle, hopefully the developers will expand with future instalments or DLC packs. What The Dub?! provides fast-paced laughs and is easy to recommend.


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xboxspacerPlatform: PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo
Release Date: 08/04/2021
No. of Players: 3-12
Category: Board Game, Party
Developer: Wide Right Interactive
Publisher: Wide Right Interactive
Website: www.widerightgames.com
Twitter: @widerightgames
Download link: Microsoft Store


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