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GORSD help me!

GORSD is an action-adventure with a grotesquely elegant art style that blends genres resulting in a truly terrifying and intriguing title. Developed and published by Singapore-based indie studio Springloaded, GORSD can be played alone or experienced with friends via local multiplayer and available to own on PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch.

GORSD Nintendo Switch

The game wastes no time in setting the tone as our tentacle clad Cephalopoda bursts free from its eye-womb of creation in an explosion of entrails and slime. This new world in which you inhabit forms the basis of exploration as you battle your way through 60 stages of mind-bending challenges to uncover your purpose and the secrets held inside the heart of darkness.


The truth is out there

The large overworld acts as the vessel linking together each level and allows for exploration from a top-down viewpoint. The world shifts around you the deeper you dare journey into this tale of madness, the scenery trickles with signs of life and the faintest of movement, as incomprehensible scriptures add to the feeling of uncertainty.

This perception is compounded by a lack of any real backstory and the desire to piece together the puzzle with each baby step taken. These sections of GORSD really drive home the feeling you are playing a classic RPG and the visual compliments that. The soundtrack is great and really compliments the style and tone of the game being created by developers Springloaded.

GORSD Nintendo Switch review


One-shot wonder

The arena levels present a different story. The gameplay experience is vastly different from what you have seen in the overworld area and centres around fast-paced puzzle-solving. You squish around a track-like route leaving behind a trail of slime in your wake, once all the track is covered the level is complete.

While this is a simple concept, GORSD soon adds in a host of different mechanics and cranks up the difficulty. Some areas are not accessible and will require the use of your single bullet as a means to colour the track, but at a cost. It will rebound and kill you without hesitation so requires collecting with caution. You will die a lot, but this mechanic adds an element of strategy as you will need to think one step ahead much like in a game of chess.


Fun with friends

As alluded to earlier GORSD also comes packaged with local multiplayer, rules can be modified to keep the gameplay feeling fresh and goes a long way to keep you playing after the roughly six-hour campaign is done and dusted. Multiplayer offers eight different game modes spanning across twenty-one maps but it’s the competitive nature that brings out the best, and worst, in us all. GORSD has a couple of unlockable features that come through progression, if you stick with it.



Final Words:

GORSD is definitely geared towards a more adult audience with its visual style and difficult progression system. The core gameplay is simple yet challenging enough to put some players off. Added multiplayer helps to keep things fresh long after the mystery of the story is revealed. While not for everyone GORSD is worth checking and I’m excited to see what the developers do next.


star 6 5

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nintendospacerPlatform: Nintendo
Release Date: 18/09/2020
No. of Players: 1-4
Category: Action, Multiplayer, Party
Developer: Springloaded
Publisher: Springloaded
Website: www.springloadedsoftware.com
Twitter: @springloadeddev
Download link: US eShop / UK eShop


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