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Let the Spider-pocalypse begin!

Most people hate spiders, right? That’s just pretty much a given. They’re creepy and cooky, mysterious and spooky. They’re all together ooky… wait… that’s something else. Anyway… they’re not pleasant to deal with. Most people want them dead by any means necessary. Well, Kill It With Fire gives you plenty of means to get the job done.

Kill It With Fire Switch

You start off in your house armed with nothing more than a clipboard. In addition to presenting your tasks (both primary and optional), the clipboard also makes for a handy spider-whacker. After killing a couple of creepy crawlies, you unlock a door that leads to a new weapon; an aerosol spray can with a lighter. Thus begins the aforementioned killing with fire. But it doesn’t stop there.


Spider Overkill

Each stage has locked doors that you can only open once you’ve sent a specific number of arachnids back to hell from whence they came. Contained within these doors are usually new weapons with which to dispatch your eight-legged foes. Eventually you’ll unlock a frying pan, a weed-eater, a pistol, a shotgun, Molotov cocktails, and even C-4 explosives!

Kill It With Fire Switch Review

Completing all tasks in a stage unlocks a challenge which mostly consists of killing a certain number of spiders with a particular weapon within a time limit. Tasks range from smashing picture frames to tossing trash bags into a dumpster to killing so many of a specific type of spider. Each stage introduces new types of spiders as well. Some burst into several smaller spiders, some jump at you, and some even explode in spectacular fashion when you kill them.

Of course, as in real life, these little creatures like to hide, so you’ll need to search high and low to find them. To aid you in this, you have a “spidar” that can locate spiders and eventually with upgrades, tell you how many spiders are left in the area. Unfortunately, this is where the game can get a bit frustrating. You can pick up and move literally anything. This makes looking for spiders kind of a drag. Once you find them, the aiming can be a little slow making shots with certain weapons nigh impossible. Also, being in first-person perspective, having no option to invert the Y-axis can be a bit of a hindrance.



Final Words:

The tasks and challenges provide a break from hunting down spiders and add some variety to the gameplay. Other than the problems with the aiming, the controls aren’t bad. While Kill It With Fire won’t win any awards for outstanding gameplay or anything, if you’re looking for a fun game to mess around with (especially if you’re a streamer), it’s perfect.


star 7

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nintendospacerPlatform: PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, Mobile
Release Date: 04/03/2021
No. of Players: 1
Category: Simulation, Action
Developer: Casey Donnellan Games LLC
Publisher: TinyBuild
Website: www.killitwithfiregame.com
Twitter: @KIWF_Game
Download link: US eShop / UK eShop


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