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Let’s just get the playing out of the way

If you’re reading a review about a game titled PUSS!, you’re here as a gamer or curious as to where this may go. Unfortunately for some, this is solely about PUSS! our cat and the maze-riddled journey we must go on. That said, grab your tab of acid and let’s go this visual odyssey together.

PUSS Nintendo Switch Review

PUSS!, as stated above is at its core a title based solely on the premise of solving mazes. Sound boring? Guess again. PUSS!, developed by TeamCoil is a tough-as-nails maze-palooza with visual effects that do their best to let even the straightest of edge understand what an acid trip is like. The assault on the eyes is apparent right off the bat and never lets up. That said, with all the bright flashing lights, stock photography and filters, Puss does everything it can to distract you from the simple task at hand.


Control-wise, PUSS! is solid

Understand that, if it faltered even a bit the game would be rendered unplayable. To that extent, JoyCon drift caused us to play this using the Hori Split Pad Pro when in handheld mode and the Pro Controller when docked. Even slight variations in you your track can cause death. PUSS! is responsive, and outside of boss battles (because yes we have them), you will be relying solely on your left thumbstick to navigate the mazes presented.

PUSS Switch


Audibly, PUSS! is top-notch

The distorted sounds are treated as if they were a character themselves. As you graze the edges the screen will let you know you are in trouble but the audio cue is equal parts helpful and haunting. Everything seems to hinge on the illusion that you are on this psychedelic journey. To this end, TeamCoil has succeeded. The music is not front and centre as we had imagined it might be, but that doesn’t mean it’s absent either.

Visually, what’s not to love. At its honest core, the game is passable as a premium mobile title. But don’t let dissuade you from it either. This is a great example of a game whose lack of high-def graphics exposes the crutch many are using recently. Graphics do not equal fun or gameplay. What is here, works, fits and more importantly lifts the title.


PUSS! | First Look


Final Words:

Will PUSS! dominate your backlog? No, but it does deserve a place. Everyone catches themselves in that transition between titles looking for a change of pace. PUSS!, can and should fill that hole… ummm, sorry I guess we had one more.


star 7

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nintendospacerPlatform: PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, Mobile
Release Date: 19/02/2021
No. of Players: 1
Category: Puzzle, Action, Arcade
Developer: TeamCoil
Publisher: TeamCoil
Twitter: @teamcoil
Download link: US eShop / UK eShop

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