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Independent Arts developed Eldrador Creatures with the goal of introducing young gamers into the world of turn-based role-playing games. The tabletop look of the game paired with the animal pawns bring the dungeons and dragons vibe to the table as well.

Players will choose a faction and fight to obtain the Super Weapon. Visually it comes across as a mobile looking title which will match their target audience as loads of young gamers are playing on iPads and phones for their entertainment.

Eldrador Creatures is available on Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4 for $29.99 and Microsoft Windows for $19.99.


Read on below for notes from the publisher/developer and watch the trailer.


Plunge into the world of Eldrador Creatures in this turn-based strategy games and become the ruler of Eldrador.


Plunge into the world of Eldrador Creatures in this turn-based strategy game. Go into combat together with your favourite Eldrador Creatures in the Battle for the 4 Worlds and defeat the other teams so that you can call the mighty Superweapon your own and rule over Eldrador!


  • 20 playable original Eldrador Creatures, including new figures like the Rock Beast and the Shadow Panther, as well as the exclusive Eldrador Mini Creatures
  • Use the special abilities of your chosen creatures to defeat your opponents in tactical combat
  • Battle in all 4 gameworld settings: Lava, Ice, Stone and Jungle
  • Dynamic worlds due to toppling elements like walls and bridges


Eldrador® Creatures - Trailer (English)


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