Mass Effect Andromeda review


  1. I just finished the Legendary edition (3-4 trilogy run through twice pc, once ps3, once PS4 pro) and decided it’d be a good lad to go through Andromeda on insanity. First of all, ME1 with the new bells and whistles is head and shoulders above with the (somewhat streamlined) ME2 coming a close second, ME3 was and is to me a slog of epic proportions – awkwardly written dull side quests and some piss poor wishy washy dialogue (except perhaps the last human exchange on the citadel which actually made me well up a bit); also, the combat is, despite ‘expansion’ pretty exasperating.
    Going into andromeda is a breath of fresh air given that it channels the openness of ME1 really well – movement and combat are phenomenal by comparison to LE and I found myself getting pulled in straight away. I think the fact that the Andromeda initiative are unaware of what happened on the Milky Way adds perspective and deepens things a bit. Already done Andromeda once so play through two feeling so good already speaks volumes

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