Hitman 3: Best Weapons & Loadouts

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Hitman 3’s Agent 47 is the world’s best at what he does, and what he does is kill high-profile targets with cold precision and supreme inconspicuousness- as long as he remembers to bring the right tools for the job.

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There’s so much complexity, depth, and sheer variety in Hitman 3’s mission design that picking an optimal loadout really depends on your approach and playstyle. If you’re in search of the best gear to power through levels and complete objectives with as little hassle and fuss as possible, here’s a guide to the best weapons and loadouts in Hitman 3 that will put you on the right path.


The “Coin”

Hitman Coin

The Hitman series is probably best known for its distinctive “dress up” mechanic – 47 can knock out (or kill) and don the clothing of any other individual in the game’s world. The right uniform in the right place will allow you to casually stroll into previously inaccessible locations. But sometimes the easiest way through a guarded pathway is simply to move the guards.

A tossed coin attracts the attention of nearby individuals, prompting them to inspect the source of the sound. This means you can move a guard from their post, so you can sneak in through a door or pathway without being discovered. You can also use your coins to draw certain NPCs into lonely areas where you can incapacitate them safely away from any witnesses.

You can actually find stray coins in most maps. If you’d rather use the slot on another item, you can go into missions without a coin and pick one up during the gameplay. In most cases, the coin is handy enough (you can never run out of them!) to make it an irreplaceable part of your loadout.


Kalmer Tranquilizer

Hitman Kalmer

If you’re going for that Silent Assassin mission score, then the Kalmer Tranquilizer is a must-have part of your arsenal.

The tranquilizer gun lets you silently take out guards and civilians without killing them, which is important because killing anyone other than your target during a run will make it impossible for you to achieve the highest rank in Hitman 3. The subsonic rounds can also be fired at objects in the environment to discreetly attract the attention of NPCs, much in the way you’d use the coin.

However, there are some major drawbacks to the tranquilizer gun. First, it only comes with two rounds, so you can’t waste your darts on unimportant targets. Second, the range on the Kalmer is horrible – don’t expect to be able to take guards out of action from a distance; you’ll need to get quite close to hitting a target with accuracy.

Don’t forget to relocate the bodies to a place where they won’t be discovered. If your unconscious victims are found by another person, the game will take away from your final score, ensuring that you can’t achieve the highest ranks.



Hitman Lockpick

The lockpick lets you get through secured doorways without making noise, making it an indispensable part of your loadout. Of course, never let yourself get caught in the process of picking a lock! That’s a quick way to make things instantly go south for you and your mission.

Clever use of the coin can help move guards out of the area long enough to pick your way through a door. If you are so inclined, you can also remove potential witnesses by shooting everyone in the vicinity with a silenced weapon (like a tranquilizer dart, silenced pistols, or Sieker).

If the path you are planning to take doesn’t involve picking through locked doors, you can safely swap the lockpick out for another item. However, if this is your first playthrough, or if you’re still unfamiliar with the map’s layout, you’ll almost always want this handy tool with you at the start of a mission.


Emetic Poison Vial

Hitman Emetic

There are two types of poison vials: emetic and lethal. They allow you to add poison to a food or drink, which will incapacitate any person that consumes it. Obviously, the lethal poison will cause a person to drop dead where they stand, whereas the emetic poison will only make them very sick and immediately search for a nearby bathroom to throw up.

Though both have their uses, we prefer the emetic poison for its flexibility.

The lethal poison is only viable when taking out the mission target; in most other situations, you don’t want individuals dropping dead near the table or buffet selection with poisoned food or drink. There’s also the risk of a random passerby taking a swig of a spiked drink; if the poison is lethal, their innocent death will affect your final mission score.

The emetic variant gives you an opportunity to be alone with the person who consumes the poisoned food or drink. Once they’re in the bathroom throwing up, you can knock them out or kill them (but check to make sure no one else is in there, first!), then steal their clothing or items without risk of being caught. Bathrooms are always located near a locker where you can safely stuff the body.


Sieker 1

Hitman Sieker

There are moments when you need to isolate your target and a coin just won’t do the trick. For instance, if your target is in a crowded room, tossing a coin will attract the attention of everyone in the vicinity – far from ideal when you want to take an enemy out quietly. In the same situation, the Kalmer Tranquilizer would cause your target to fall unconscious in front of everyone. This is the exact kind of situation the Sieker is made for.

The Sieker comes with a single non-lethal emetic round that will make the target sick and immediately look for a place to throw up (usually a bathroom). All you have to do is follow them and make sure the coast is clear before taking them out by whatever means you see fit. Then, get rid of the body by stuffing it into a locker or crate.

Although it’s great for forcefully moving a target out of your way, consider whether a coin, crowbar, or wrench would work before pulling out your Sieker. There’s only one round in its chamber, and you’ll have to make it count.

The Sieker is silenced, so you can safely use it in most situations without risking getting compromised. However, just like most silenced weapons in this game, its range is horrible; so don’t waste your only shot on a target hundreds of meters away.


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These are all the best weapons that should be incorporated into your loadouts for a sneaky and quiet gameplay. Hopefully, these shed some light on how your strategies and tactics could be better! Good luck being the best assassin out there, and do let us know what your favourite weapons are in the comments below.


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