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Empire of Sin review
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It’s the roaring twenties.

And apparently, Al Capone isn’t the only the criminal overlord running through Chicago. There are more players in the game than just the famous mobsters. Prohibition-era was quite interesting in a turn-based strategy RPG format with all the fixins you can muster. Gangs fight over territory in a firefight waiting to happen. Even the swears are well-timed and themes are still kept intact. Welcome to the hustle and bustling of city ownership. The narrative is quite decent for its run.

Empire of Sin Switch


Empire of Sin keeps a good grip on its ability to stay in character.

Several bosses are available to choose from, including the famous don himself. It’s the UN of villains here, with brass knuckles, shotguns, rifles, and swing talk you can think of. Players play any boss, either real or nay, hire a crew, and take on property seiges or relations. There is two ways to go about taking over territories through talking or gunfights. Then, comes ensuring the establishments generate income including brothels, speakeasies, breweries, and other special “bases”.

Hiring other goons through several attributes which can be added through learning various skills. Some of the most interesting status ailments I’ve ever seen. For instance, one of my crew members got an STD because they were chilling too long in the brothel I “acquired” from a rival gang. The fight for Chicago doesn’t stop in the rooms of the building. Some owners will reach out for the takeover bids. A fortune teller tried to get me a shakedown while I was with my crew, walking down the street. I had to avoid the cops I bribed to ensure I was on the “up and up”. I met them in their den with my posse – a hired gun and her partner with the boomstick and brass knuckles. Of course, we decided to just shakedown their operation. The battleground is various and multifaceted. Levels are in play. It’s not hard to see where the details are, from the street to the burrows.

Empire of Sin Switch review


Empire of Sin holds several cracks in the barrels.

The load times seem to take longer than I’ve expected. The battles sometimes get a bit slow at times during the transition. The frames drop a bit during the transition points as the characters go into the moves. Some of the stats were taking to the characters without some warnings. Some literally crept up without any takes. Some skills do feel a bit the same as other cover-based shooter strat RPGs.


Empire of Sin - Pre-order Trailer - Nintendo Switch


Final Words:

Empire of Sin takes Monolopy and XCOM and undergoes the molding process of both worlds. While the execution is a fascinating take on criminal drama, Sin continues to try itself on the Switch and takes its time. With some cool surprises for a turn-based strategy RPG. When it comes to the mafia experience, it’s great to get this one on the rocks.


star 7

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nintendospacerPlatform: PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo
Release Date: 01/12/2020
No. of Players: 1
Category: Strategy, Role-Playing
Developer: Romero Games
Publisher: Paradox Interactive
Website: www.empireofsingame.com
Twitter: @EmpireOfSinGame
Download link: US eShop / UK eShop

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