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Remember when you used to spend your nights crawling through dungeons on your home computer? Completing quests instead of homework, and rescuing maidens instead of your love life? Yup, us too. So to say we have a soft spot for first-person dungeon crawlers is a bit of an understatement. That’s why we were so tickled to land a copy of Pangeon to review. But did it live up to our unrealistic and rose-tinted hype?

Developed by Mr Ciastku and published by Ultimate Games, Pangeon does exactly what it says on the tin. It sets out to recreate the games of old, but mixes it together with a wicked modern style that will undoubtedly grab the interest of the Minecraft generation. At first glance, it kind of feels like Doom meets Minecraft to talk about The Elder Scrolls, and to be fair to it, that’s not a bad summation, except if Doom had as few baddies as Pangeon then it probably wouldn’t have become quite so legendary.

pangeon xbox one


That’s the real downside of this game.

It’s extremely light on any real conflict, at least for the most part and it all ends rather abruptly. Honestly, you can complete the campaign in under an hour, especially if you don’t bother taking time to explore any rooms. The lack of foes also means a distinct lack of weapons, and in turn, very little armour to choose from. It all just feels a little underwhelming, which is a shame because we did really like what we saw.

Fortunately, the developers have come up with a couple of added extras to make up for the premature climax to the campaign, these being multiple character styles for repeat playthrough, and an arena mode where you battle 25 waves of enemies and simply try to survive. In a lot of ways. this is more rewarding than the campaign just because you actually get to fight something.


Pangeon - Xbox Trailer


Final Words:

We expected a little more fun-geon from this dungeon, but there is enough to like here to prevent this from being a dud. Perhaps some consideration is required for the overall price, given how short the game is, but generally, despite its flaws, Pangeon was still fun to play, and when it all boils down isn’t that the point?


star 5 5

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xboxspacerPlatform: PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo
Release Date: 04/11/2020
No. of Players: 1
Category: Action, Adventure
Developer: Mr Ciastku
Publisher: Ultimate Games
Website: www.ultimate-games.com
Twitter: @ultgames
Download link: Microsoft Store


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