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Lofi Ping Pong Switch Review
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Lofi Ping Pong Switch

Lofi Ping Pong
Release 08/12/2020
Switch version tested
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No more relaxing. No more studying.

It’s time to put on Lofi hip hop beats to play ping pong to. Lofi Ping Pong is a rhythm game that takes a fresh approach to the game of ping pong, offering a chill atmosphere with challenging levels.

This is a three-button rhythm game. Hit the ball back at your opponent once it enters the right, left or centre square. If you miss, you’ll automatically hit it back, but if you miss three times the match will auto-restart from the beginning. Each level is to the tune of a song that runs about 40 seconds, so becoming in tune with the BPM of the song is key to success. You essentially become the metronome of the song with the noise of your paddle hitting the ball making the perfect click track. After completing 3 levels the difficulty will increase by introducing new gameplay mechanics such as wind that will suddenly change the direction of the ball or darkness that will hide where the ball is coming from. There are 15 levels in all.


The soundtrack is incredible!

Which is one thing you love to see in any rhythm game. Lofi hip hop is delivered as promised, with each track feeling too short if you were just listening to them, but entirely too long once playing the more difficult levels. The game will require split-second and precise reactions, causing levels to repeat over and over and over. It becomes a frustrating mess with the first 10 seconds seemingly on loop as the level restarts begging you to do better. There’s no way to adjust the difficulty level which makes it feels a little inaccessible. The music may be chill, but the levels can be merciless.

Visually the game has a soft pixelated look which ties in great with the feel of the game. The start screen can be changed to different animated backgrounds similar to a desktop to match whatever mood you might be feeling. I personally enjoyed the image above. The UI of the start screen isn’t easy to visually navigate and doesn’t take advantage of using a back button. The menu feels unfinished or just an afterthought to the game. After each completed song, your cursor will always end at the tutorial. A minor inconvenience, but for a game that quickly lets you back in the action after you lose, this feels inconsistent and slows the momentum.

There’s not much else to do or unlock outside of playing through all the songs. You can always revisit the songs from the main menu. Some songs deserve a second playthrough, just for the audio treat.


Lofi Ping Pong // Trailer


Final Words:

Lofi Ping Pong is a simple rhythm game combining great music and difficult gameplay. The soundtrack carries the experience, where at times can feel frustrating and unforgiving. It’s definitely a unique and addictive experience that unfortunately lacks depth.


star 6

Score: 6

nintendospacerPlatform: PC, Nintendo, Mobile
Release Date: 08/12/2020
No. of Players: 1
Category: Music, Arcade
Developer: Calvares
Publisher: Redblack Spade
Twitter: @rbspade
Download link: US eShop / UK eShop


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