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Rolling Gunner
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Fans of the beautiful side-scrolling shmup Rolling Gunner should create their amazon Japan account immediately and pre-order this physical release. The cost is 10 557¥ which is roughly $101.92 or £74.36 at current exchange rates. You can read our review here.

From the amazon page, it states that this release will also include the previously released DLC pack – Overpower. This was initially teased to be free last year but subsequently sold separately on the NA eShop for $10.

Unfortunately at this time, there is no preview of the physical game nor mention of everything that is included. A quick translation of the listing does provide the following:


Authentic shooting game “Rolling Gunner”

“Rolling Gunner”, which was created with respect to the arcade games of the ’90s, seems to be difficult at first glance, but by adjusting the difficulty level for beginners to advanced players, the more you play, the better you will be. It is made so that you can feel it. Practice at home and show off in the arcade.

Also includes additional content “Overpower”

The additional content “Overpower”, which allows you to shoot with the right stick, is specialized for home use. The contents are full of exhilaration, such as the jerky feeling of the score item after defeating the enemy that appears in the narrow screen.

Sounds by gorgeous composers

“Rolling Gunner” can enjoy the sound by former ZUNTATA COSIO. In “Overpower”, not only Mr. COSIO but also gorgeous artists are participating. Participating artists (honorific titles omitted) COSIO, Hideaki Kuroda, Ryu ☆ (EDP), Yasuhisa Watanabe -Yack.-, yamajet, Keishi Yonao


Nintendo Switch Rolling Gunner(ローリングガンナー) プロモーション


Gorgeous or not, you can preorder today via Amazon.


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