[News] Nintendo unveils new Mario themed Switch console

Mario Red Blue Switch
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Today Nintendo finally made the announcement that a brand new Switch console is on the way, and very soon… well sort of.

The Mario Red & Blue Edition system pays tribute to everyone’s favourite plumber with the distinct red console and Joycon combo that perfectly matches against the blue plastic controller accessory. The latest iteration will release February 2nd and retail for $299.99, you can visit the official Nintendo store here for more details.

While not quite the reveal fans had hoped for, looking at you ‘Nintendo Switch Pro’, nonetheless it looks cool and should hopefully help out those that still need the system! At this time we assume that the console will be the slightly upgraded version with the extended battery life but reports of any further upgrades are unconfirmed at this time. Nintendo Switch continues to dominate console sales and with good reason, it’s an amazing system!

Although it is not the rumoured ‘Nintendo Switch Pro’ that’s been all the rave for the last couple years, it is a new Switch and that’s alright by me.




Just look at those colours!


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