[News] ‘From Dusk Til Dawn’ Will Return as an Animated Series

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Robert Rodriguez recently sat down with SFX magazine to promote his upcoming Netflix movie We Can Be Heroes. During the discussion, the director also discussed his cult classic vampire-heist movie From Dusk Til Dawn, which celebrated it’s 25th anniversary this month.

During the talk, Rodriguez dropped the ultimate bombshell when he revealed that he would be revisiting the universe he co-created with Quentin Tarantino, but this time the story would take the form of an animated television series.

Whether this will be a remake of the original story, in which two criminal brothers take a family hostage en route to a new life in Mexico, before things go tits up after they mistakenly find themselves in a vampire hive cleverly disguised as a seedy topless bar, or something completely new is still very much up in the air, but either way, with Rodriguez on board, and his own El Rey network pulling the strings, this will no doubt be the follow-up piece fans have been longing for ever since George Clooney and Juliette Lewis barely escaped with their lives all those years ago.


From Dusk Till Dawn Official Trailer #1 - (1996) HD


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