[News] Arcade1Up: Mortal Kombat, Dragon’s Lair Get 2021 Releases

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Another year, another chunk of money prepares to leave our wallets as Arcade1Up announces it’s new slate of titles for release throughout 2021 – and they’re incredible!

Among the new titles are a Killer Instinct cabinet, which also includes the 1996 beat-em-up sequel, as well as Battletoads and Battletoads & Double Dragon, and an HD transfer of Dragon’s Lair and Space Ace which are housed in an almost like-for-like replica of the old school ’80s cabinets.

Other titles include a 4-player X-Men, and an incredibly cool Pong pub table arcade, which also doubles as a functioning piece of furniture. These join the already stellar line-up of cabinets that includes Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesMortal KombatNBA Jam and Outrun.


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