Jurassic World Evolution – 5 Essential Tips & Tricks

Jurassic World Evolution
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So you want to build the greatest theme park the world has ever seen? Move aside Theme Park Simulator and Planet Coaster because with Jurassic Park Evolution: Complete Edition on Nintendo Switch you can channel your inner John Hammond even on the go.

This latest release comes packed with all three major narrative expansions – Return to Jurassic Park, Claire’s Sanctuary and Secrets of Dr. Wu – as well as several Dinosaur and skin packs.

With all this great content at your fingertips knowing exactly where to start could seem more than a little daunting but fear not, we’ve compiled five essential gameplay tips and tricks that will give you the best possible start to life in the park.


Connected Hatchery

Jurassic World Hatchery

Building a hatchery for each enclosure can get expensive. Instead, connect your hatchery to a temporary holding enclosure. You can then connect it to other enclosures via gates, and transport dinosaurs using the ACU’s transport team. It’s a great way to save cash.


Take lots of pictures

Jurassic world evolution pictures

Another way to get money quickly is by selling photos. To do it, take control of a ranger team and drive into your enclosure for an up-close and personal look at your dinosaurs. The more dinosaurs are in shot, and the better their poses, the more cash you’ll get.


The perfect Palaeobotany

Jurassic world evolution plalobotany

Keep an eye on which species of dinosaur are in the enclosure when looking at the palaeobotany rating. If they’re in the same dinosaur family, the plants don’t need to be varied, leading to a rating boost.


Ideal Feeder placement

Jurassic World Evolution Feeder

Are your ranger teams getting attacked when they enter enclosures? There’s a simple way to fix this. Place feeders near the enclosure gates and you’ll reduce the chances of harassment. After all, the rangers are just trying to help.


Life, Uh, Finds a Way

ian malcolm jurassic park

If it looks like the dinosaurs are about to eat your favourite visitors as part of a light snack there’s always one man we can call on to sort things out, Dr. Ian Malcolm. Sadly we realise he’s a fictional character played by Jeff Goldblum but his many theories and wise words will help guide you and if all else fails, you can check out our complete history of the Jurassic Park video game franchise here.


Your Scientists Were So Preoccupied With Whether Or Not They Could, They Didn’t Stop To Think If They Should.



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