Numskull releases official The Mandalorian merchandise

Numskull Star Wars
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Pins, beanies, socks, ornaments, candles, and yes even those ugly sweaters for the season. All comprised of Star Wars and Mandalorian themes. I for one enjoy this Dark Vader sweater the best. There is a store for EU, US, and lastly worldwide so everyone can get their hands on something Star Wars this upcoming holiday season.

Will you enjoy a lovely evening with your partner whilst the scent of “Inside of a Tauntaun” permeates the room? Maybe you’ve got an even planned to decorate the tree with TIE fighters and X-Wings aimed at that awful ornament from your Mother-In-Law your Wife won’t let you throw away. Or how about letting your little ones unwrap a Baby Yoda gift set on their birthday or Christmas. Either way, Numskull has your shopping list in mind. Go to their site to and find what fits your needs best, and don’t forget to tell them who sent you. Take care folks.

Numskull Mandalorian

You can visit the official Numskull store here.


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