Introducing: TERARIN GAMES on Nintendo Switch

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Introducing Terarin, a game developer known by TERARIN GAMES and @GhostDog254 on Twitter. This page is to showcase games by TERARIN GAMES and spread the word to gamers and shmup fans alike! You can find their games on Nintendo Switch, Android, Steam, itch

You may be familiar with the latest games: Gemini Arms, and Missile Dancer. Both games are available on the eShop and Steam!


Gemini Arms

Gemini Arms

50 years have passed since humans started living in space. Yet even in space, we keep fighting for resources and conflict develops between earthborn and spaceborn. Federal force has developed a huge laser weapon that could destroy colonies.

In response, the ultimate weapon GEMINI ARMS was developed secretly.

Switch between robot and fighter modes and defeat the Federal force army in space and return to a peaceful life between the people of the universe!


Play today on:

Nintendo Switch – Japanese eShopUK eShop / US eshop or Steam


Missile Dancer

Missile Dancer Switch

You can operate the fighter MissileDancer which implements lock-on missiles. The cursor for lock-on is displayed above your plane. While pushing the shot, the cursor zooms in. You can lock-on by matching the cursor with enemies. The range of cursor and the number of lock-on increases by taking the power-up item.


Play today on:

Nintendo Switch – Japanese eShop or Steam or Android (Free) 


Take a look at the Terarin Games official site and follow on Twitter for more!


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