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Landflix Odyssey review
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Landflix Odyssey is an action platformer available now on Steam! Play as Larry – a binge-watching couch potato that becomes stuck in a streaming service called Landflix by way of using special batteries for his remote! To return home, Larry must find five batteries in the TV shows on Landflix. The game will make it’s way to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S in the near future.

Landflix Odyssey


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Landflix Odyssey is a clear reference to video-on-demand platforms and TV shows universe. In Landflix Odyssey there are 5 TV shows, playable worlds:

  • Peculiar Stuff
  • Elder Thrones
  • Blindevil
  • Going Mad
  • The Standing Zombie


all inspired by five of the most famous and successful TV shows! In each TV show our hero can count on some special powers that will help him overcome obstacles and dangers in any game world.

Our hero can move through parallel dimensions, use magic swords, do superhero stuff with superhero tools, take drugs to increase productivity and defend himself with a crossbow against hordes of zombies.



  • 5 worlds inspired by some of the most famous TV shows;
  • 5 special abilities make the gameplay exciting and different;
  • 10 boss fights;
  • An incredible set of unforgettable, unique enemies and boss;
  • Secret content to unlock!


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