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Doubting Whether to Use Exam Dumps for Your Microsoft MCSE Certification Test or Not? Don’t Hesitate and Go for It!

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Microsoft is one of the most popular and fastest growing software companies. It provides software for the marketers and customer relationship management software for the sales professionals and also offers several certificates for the consultants, customers, developers, and others. An ultimate goal of any Microsoft certification is to enhance and enrich knowledge of the platform. This is what Microsoft says on its official website concerning its MCSE certificate.

Microsoft employs at least 8,000 people in the Bay Area in San Fran Microsoft, making it the company with the largest number of employees. It hires about 3,500 individuals around the world. The organization has already reached $13.3 billion revenues and it is projected that this number will have doubled in the next four years. ExamCollection With that growth and popularity, we have explored some of the most important information about Microsoft and what you need to know about it and its certification program.


Top Microsoft Certifications

Author: Mia L says, Microsoft offers multiple badges and classifies them through a few key roles listed below:

  1. Microsoft MCSE;
  2. Microsoft Developer;
  3. Microsoft Consultant;
  4. Microsoft Marketer;
  5. Microsoft Architect.


Each of the roles mentioned above has its own credentials. For example, Microsoft Marketer has 6 badges that include:

  • Marketing Cloud Developer;
  • Pardot Specialist;
  • Marketing Cloud Email Specialist;
  • Marketing Cloud MCSE;
  • Pardot Consultant;
  • Marketing Cloud Consultant.
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Microsoft walks you through the paths to sign up for the right course for each of these certifications. They will tell you what you need to demonstrate to earn them and which skills to gain. For example, ExamSnap AZ-304 Microsoft Azure Architect Design Exam Dumps with the Marketing Cloud Email Specialist certificate from the Microsoft Marketer path, you will be required to demonstrate your knowledge, experience, and skills to use Marketing Cloud for message design, data and subscriber management, external integrations and inbox delivery. Microsoft also offers plenty of resources for training, workshops and classes, registration for the official course, and avenue to its popular Trailblazer Community.

As you can see, Microsoft offers several training courses that the candidates can take to learn more about the platform and get ready for the exams, which qualify one for a specific Microsoft badge. Ivan A said, You will need to pay for some of these courses. According to the Microsoft experts, in-person and formal instructor-led training courses can be helpful as they are very intensive. Some of preparation materials recommended by the experts and companies that offer Microsoft courses include Microsoft YouTube tutorial videos and exam dumps. Besides these, practice tests and blog posts are also useful in preparation for any Microsoft exam.

Getting any Microsoft certificate costs money. To obtain any of these credentials, you need to take the relevant exams, which are offered at a cost. The cost depends on the badge you are pursuing. It ranges from as low as $200 up to as much as $6,000. ExamSnap MD-100 Windows 10 Exam Dumps Only the Microsoft Certified Technical Architect certification costs $6,000. All other options will cost you either $200 or $400. If you fail to get the passing grade, you will be able to repeat the exam at half of the cost.



Microsoft is a globally recognized private company in the IT industry and its certificates are also highly valued worldwide. These credentials can enhance your career growth and earnings. Therefore, if you pursue one or two of them, it will make a great difference to your career path and bring you a lot of benefits.

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