This Roguelite weighs heavily on my ‘most played’ list

Dead Cells Roguelite
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I pre-purchased Dead Cells when it came out and did not put it down until I completed an entire run. Going the short routes for less time was not fun for me as I enjoyed clearing stages and finding all the loot. That racked my hours up to about 60 and I put it down for a long time with no itch to return, despite having two DLC’s released, one free and one $5. Recently I reviewed and completed Foregone, a game that had a similar look to Dead Cells. Once I started the game+ mode I was feeling the Dead Cells itch and returned to Motion Twins best seller. Now, I’m sitting on 80 hours of total gameplay.

I downloaded both DLC’s and it’s been a blast getting back to the fluid groove of play. I had a massive amount of jars left to fill and have been going at it run after run to purchase blueprints. Barrels o’ Fun DLC brings new music, enemies, area, and weapons. The Bad Seed DLC brings new areas, enemies, boss, items, key, outfits, and achievements. Honestly it’s a lot to take in, and considering I’ve only completed runs on normal, I’ve got my work cut out for me. My plan, for now, is to collect cells to complete the jars I have, then complete a run on hard difficulty while learning new areas if they show up on the routes I take.

Dead Cells - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch


80 hours, for now – more to come soon. What has been your experiences with Dead Cells? Any tips for someone to improve on hard difficulty? Hit that reply on our site or whatever platform you’re reading this from, and help out this prisoner. I just may lose my head!


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