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Steam Tactics Switch review
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Steam Tactics

Steam Tactics
Release 05/08/2020
Switch version tested
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When you spin it, spin it, spin it!

What happens when you throw animals in the air with floating levels, a queen, and piracy? It’s no TaleSpin, but it’s Steam Tactics. Built on the foundations of turn-based strategy RPG games before it, Steam Tactics is a quaint title of anamorphic pets and animals vying for aerial supremacy while the protagonist is doing an errand for the queen. The king is not in good shape and it’s up to your paws to come to his rescue. Fight and flight are needed to quench the beckoning of the impending doom these heroes see before them.

Steam Tactics

Aesthetically, the graphics are okay for where Steam Tactics is. Text is a gripe and uncontrollably small, which hinders the UI. The grids do not overly huge in its vision and everything can be housed on the Switch screen. Static portraits are talking, letting you know there’s some fire to it.


It ain’t nobody can see, Steamy windows

Ships are fitted with weaponry and the like with guns and missiles in Steam Tactics. Minerals are used to accompany the changes to the character’s arsenal.  Two weapons are usually there, which diversifies the attacks. Each hit can be felt in a good way to vary the approach between enemies. Banter comes at the beginning of each map between the enemy and the heroes. Counter fights are cool, too. Everything is done onto the confines of the grid space.

Steam Tactics

Steam Tactics suffers from a few things to make it a not-so-safe landing. The plot and characters are not as gripping as several other turn-based strategy fares. There’s no way to connect to the characters more or a need to with the drive. It’s more akin to Advance Wars in its take to violence, which could draw one out to a point. Myself included, who came from more deeper feels. Maps are usually the same in terms of size. Slight variances are present, but not enough to pose more challenging threats. There isn’t really much of a gimmick involved with Steam Tactics that makes it stand out. No close-ups to the fighting or anything like it. The lack of good polish is probably something for a small game like this, but I wouldn’t hold Steam Tactics too out of that.


Steam Tactics - Nintendo Switch Release Trailer [NOA]


Final Words:

Steam Tactics takes a bite out of the turn-based strategy RPG genre with the attempt. While it seems to be a nice light diversion from other mega-hits such as Three Houses, we must remember that these frogs, canines, and other members of the tribes, with the longest and strangest names I’ve seen, hold itself back from being a bit better than itself. It’s tried and true from the looks and mechanics. Steam Tactics is definitely a placeholder in the realm of the genre and for what can be the void filler for the Fire Emblem itch, but for a proper cure, one can be sure to look far more further than the skies.


star 6

Score: 6

nintendospacerPlatform: PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo
Release Date: 05/08/2020
No. of Players: 1
Category: RPG, Strategy
Developer: Igor Rashkuev
Publisher: Sometimes You
Website: www.sometimesyou.com
Twitter: @Pinkerator
Download link: US eShop / UK eShop

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