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Simply Red

Someone has killed several people at a popular nightclub. A lone detective has been assigned to the case, following every clue… wherever it may lead. In this provocative interactive thriller, NOTHING is as it seems! So boats the blurb for She Sees Red, the debut title from Russian developers Rhinotales. Sounds pretty intriguing, right? It’ll make a nice change from running around the Mushroom Kingdom, right?

She Sees Red is not a good game. It is boring, unresponsive and has zero replay value, despite the multiple endings. There are much better full-motion video titles out there, and we would suggest you seek those out before parting with any cash to play this. Even Night Trap feels like a masterpiece in comparison.

She Sees Red Interactive Movie

The developers promise an experience where “your choice matters”, but like so many other FMV’s on Nintendo Switch, this really isn’t the case. Choices are completely random, and offer nothing to the player to suggest a possible outcome. Why choose to hide the corpse of a victim, for example,  when the immediate follow up is a scene in which the body is detected? Only playing again and choosing not to hide the body will truly tell you if your choice mattered, but nothing about what you’ve just played makes you want to even try – because if the end result is just more of the same then why subject yourself to it?


Lip Sync Battles

Even worse though is the dubbing, which presumably isn’t a problem for those playing in the original audio. For those of us with the English dub though, it is extremely noticeable, with poor lip-syncing and even more frustrating overdubs of any and all sound effects – not just dialogue. Footsteps, sighs, crumpled pieces of paper, all of these make for extremely annoying noises that once noticed can never be unheard. Ever.

One redeeming factor for the whole experience is that if you treat the game as a movie, and forget that you’re supposed to be controlling the action, then it makes for a passable thriller. Sure, the story is far from original, but there is enough of the old school who dunnit spirit present that it can actually keep you entertained, it’s just a shame that the effort wasn’t better directed towards gameplay considering that this is, y’know, a video game.


She Sees Red - Trailer [Nintendo Switch]


Final Words:

It’s just a shame that producers of FMV’s are so stuck in the era when the format first came to being, rather than moving with the times and following the trail so beautifully blazed by people like Telltale Games. This is just another outdated excuse to take people’s money, and falls completely flat despite what we can only assume was Rhinotales very best efforts. Highly disappointing.


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nintendospacerPlatform: PC, Nintendo, Mobile
Release Date: 15/05/2020
No. of Players: 1
Category: Adventure, Other
Developer: Rhinotales
Publisher: Rhinotales
Website: www.rhinotales.com
Twitter: @RhinotalesC
Download link: US eShop / UK eShop


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