Ranking Fall Guys’ Levels From Best to Worst

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Fall Guys is the latest viral video gaming sensation, attracting attention from all the major content creators and streamers and amassing thousands of live viewers on Twitch. Spend a few minutes with this platformer battle royale, and you’ll realize its immediate appeal: Fall Guys is colourful, hilarious, and downright challenging. In other words, it’s basically the perfect game for a live streaming experience.

This multiplayer game challenges its players with an assortment of mini-games and maps. Players compete in isolated challenges, from avoiding giant, falling fruit to a unique take on soccer involving dozens of players and often three or more teams. But not all stages are created equal. When that loading screen for the next randomly-chosen stage appears, sometimes we’re buzzing with excitement. Other times, we just can’t wait to get it over with. Either way, this is not a game you would want to miss so make sure to get yourself a PSN Gift Card and get to buying the game!

Today, we’re ranking all of the stages in Fall Guys from the very worst to the very best.


25. Door Dash

Fall Guys

This level is about as close a tribute to the amazing Takeshi’s Castle as you’ll find in Fall Guys. But, while Door Dash is certainly a lot of fun to watch, we put it at 26 because it’s just too random; this level forces you to crash into walls and hope you don’t hit a fake one. It sounds fun on paper, but once you try it out yourself, you will understand that all you do is simply try to get to the finish line. Also, the last part where you have to jump across from a slippery slide is just not satisfying. Why do we rank it the lowest? Not a challenge. Winning depends on luck.


24. Tail Tag

Fall Guys

Again, on paper, this sounds like your average game of tag. But instead, you have to steal a golden tail from an opponent with the clunkiest controls ever. This level was made from hell and was summoned to one of the best games of 2020. To win in this challenge, you must have a golden tail before time runs out. But if your internet connection isn’t communicating well with you, get ready to feel the frustration.


23. Team Tail Tag

Fall Guys

Yes, we placed this higher than the solo version because having friends is a whole lot more fun. Except, since most players play solo and this challenge forces solo players to work together. It just doesn’t play out that way. Even though everyone is supposed to help each other, no one does. Teammates will crash and push others off platforms, run in front of one another, and try to steal each other’s tails. I mean, once a teammate has a tail, help the poor fellow out.


22. Royal Fumble

Fall Guys

I do not understand why this challenge is repeated but in another arena. We placed this challenge in the lower ranks due to the same issues as the other “tail” challenges. The difference why this is renamed to Royal Fumble is because it’s a Final Mode. But still, once you have the tail, there is no challenge. Just going around in circles and outwitting opponents isn’t that much fun either. If the grabbing mechanics weren’t janky, then this mode could be more challenging and worth playing.


21. Jinxed

Fall Guys

Although this challenge is placed in the lower ranks, it is fun. Jinxed is a team-based challenge where, if you are jinxed, you must grab an opponent to make them jinxed. It’s basically tag but without the tails. However, why this is low-ranked is due to the horrible grabbing mechanics. Fall Guys’ grabbing mechanics still need optimizing due to the unclear hitboxes. Sometimes you are far away, and then someone jinxes you. Now that’s not fun at all, especially after you tried your best by running all over the place.


20. Hoarders

Fall Guys

Yes, another team-based mode is bad. We know you are starting to see a pattern. And yes, we are, in fact, not trying to hide it from you. In Hoarders, your team must save the most balls in their ball pit but have to stop opponents from stealing your balls. Sound familiar? It’s basically Egg Scramble but with larger eggs. What makes this a bad challenge is relying on the game’s grabbing mechanics. Like what I said from the previous challenge, grabbing a moving ball is frustrating. It will roll away, and opponents that are far off into the distance (over-exaggerated) could grab the balls that are right in front of you.


19. Egg Scramble

Fall Guys

Yup, Egg Scramble is here, and it’s just as frustrating as the previous challenges. Your team must take eggs and put this in their large basket while keeping enemies away. The team with the most eggs wins. Yay. Yeah, sounds fun. And this could only happen if your teammates weren’t getting in the way of each other trying to steal each other’s eggs. Just like before, grabbing mechanics and teammates is what makes this challenge annoying and bad.


18. Hex-a-Gone

Fall Guys

Now, this is when the game starts to get better. The trick to winning this challenge is to keep on moving. You have to go through as many disappearing hexagons longer than your opponents. The trick to this challenge is to change your tactics randomly, from going in a uniform pattern to hopping around randomly. This will totally confuse your opponents and keep their heads spinning. The only problem with this challenge is a bug where your character will fall between cracks. Once they fix this, Hex-a-Gone could easily be one of the best modes available.


17. Roll Out

Fall Guys

Now this challenge is fun. In Roll Out, you must go through obstacles that continuously roll to try and force you to “rollout.” To get through this stage, the grabbing mechanic is handy to pull back opponents and throw them through the small gaps found throughout the rolling log. This level is pretty standard. Run to the finish line and win. Nothing bad nor great about this level. It might sound hard, but practising this level repeatedly can seriously give you the upper hand.


16. Tip Toe

Fall Guys

Tip Toe is fun. You will scream and get angry. But that’s just Fall Guys. To pass this challenge, just think of yourself as Indiana Jones. You have to be careful where you step and be analytical to consider where you should be next. You must go through platforms that glow and don’t vanish when you step on it. But be careful, everyone in this challenge is Indiana Jones, so ten people walking on small platforms floating in the sky doesn’t sound ideal.


15. See Saw

Fall Guys

A very frustrating level for beginners, but also very fun to go through. This physics-based challenge is trying to roll everyone off planks like on a seesaw. It might seem random how the planks flow, but patience can bring success. Wait for the seesaws to start going the opposite side, then run across. Just be cautious with opponents trying to grab you and pull you off the saws. Now that’s frustrating, right?


14. Hoopsie Daisy

Fall Guys

Huh, a team-based Fall Guy’s challenge that’s pretty good? Well, it’s okay, but not great. But it is fun, though. In Hoopsie Daisy, the teams must jump through floating rings to achieve points. The team with the lowest score, of course, is disqualified. The arena is balanced, so everyone has an equal chance to score as many points as they can. But of course, since it’s team-based, you will get frustrated by teammates not scoring any points.


13. Perfect Match

Fall Guys

Another brain challenge. Perfect Match is fun but it makes many players angry. All you have to do is remember which icon is placed before it starts. A large display will show everyone which icon they must stand on before the other platforms vanish. One perfect way to win is by tricking others, but you need to do it with confidence. Stand on a tile that is not displayed on the screen, then right before the timer runs out, jump onto the correct tile. Get ready to watch all of your opponents fall with grace.


12. Rock ‘N’ Roll

Fall Guys

Another pretty fun team-based challenge in Fall Guys. In Rock ‘N’ Roll, teams must roll down a boulder through an obstacle course and reach the finish line. Teams that don’t finish or are last are disqualified. There are some moments where you will scream at your screen, watching your teammates not doing anything. But other than that, there are some tense moments where your team is trying to go through hazardous areas to outrun opposing teams. It might be horrifying, but it’s undeniably fun!


11. Dizzy Heights

Fall Guys

A fun and simply made course that totally brings Fall Guys to its game. Dizzy Heights is a standard race-type challenge where everyone races to the finish line. You will get to play Dizzy Heights many times ’cause it is one of the earliest challenges you might face. However, the only challenging part is the very end, where you must cross three spinning platforms going different directions. But, of course, practice makes perfect.


10. Jump Showdown

Fall Guys

The newest mini-game added into Fall Guys, Jump Showdown forces the last remaining players to jump over beams. It may be similar to Jump Club; the beam’s speed will incrementally increase over time. The difference between this and Jump Club is that players must think ahead about their positioning; parts of the arena may vanish underneath their feet. It’s a great level but heavily relies on luck since there is also a chance of getting stuck on a floating platform with no way of escaping.


9. Fall Ball

Fall Guys

Have you played soccer? Or what about Rocket League? Yeah, this game mode is like those games, but slower and with a more massive ball. Fall Ball is another team-based mini-game but heavily relies on teamwork. Like before, teammates that don’t do anything cause frustration, but having the right teammates makes this mini-game one of the best in Fall Guys. Your team must push the ball into the enemy’s goal box. Pretty simple, right?


8. Fall Mountain

Fall Guys

Fall Mountain is one of the most challenging mini-games in Fall Guys. In this challenge, every player must race up a hill filled with obstacles to reach the crown. Running up an incline is dangerous; everyone will try to jump around or grab each other, causing a massive landslide. One mistake, and it might be over for you. You must perfect the controls, and if you can catch up to someone, you are lucky.


7. Block Party

Fall Guys

Block Party is a survival mode with a whole lot of surprises. All players must jump and dodge over incoming obstacles that will try and push you into slime. The obstacles cause a massive spill of beans onto the slime, causing a buildup. Once you are stuck in a buildup, just pray that you can get back up onto your legs before the next wave of obstacles starts coming at you. This challenge is made up of luck and skills.


6. Jump Club

Fall Guys

Jump Club is a simple mini-game. Jump Showdown is just a remixed version of Jump Club. But why is Jump Club ranked higher on this list, you ask? Well, because its premise is a lot simpler to understand. Players must duck or jump over rotating pillars. The pillars rotate independently at a different pace. It might sound simple, but it just adds a whole new layer of challenge with Fall Guy’s clunky controls.


5. Gate Crash

Fall Guys

This is one of the best stages in Fall Guys. There’s no luck at play, no teammates to blame, Gate Crash is all about experience and skill. In fact, if you’re decent at platformers, you’ve got a good chance of doing well in Gate Crash. Just remember to watch out for that trick jump at the end!


4. Hit Parade

Fall Guys

A short but unique obstacle course; Hit Parade has three main areas; the first area has beams that cross through slime; the second area has swinging obstacles that try to push you off, and for the third area, you must climb up a hill with towers going back and forth. Hit Parade is such a challenging yet straightforward arena for beginners that it doesn’t frustrate you. This stage is rather fun and balanced.


3. Slime Climb

Fall Guys

Ranking third in this list is Slime Climb. Such a challenging mini-game that tests your manoeuvring skills to the limit. Players must climb a huge hill filled with obstacles while slime starts to rise behind them. This is similar to those levels in Super Mario where the screen is chasing you from behind. This scenario puts players in a panicky behaviour, causing chaos everywhere. This arena is pure skill, and once you make it to the end, you will feel like you have succeeded in life.


2. Fruit Chute

Fall Guys

Ranking second on our list is Fruit Chute. A largely luck-based arena but tests your position skills. Players must run up conveyor belts, while large fruits are thrown at them. While it might sound like it’s not balanced, well, it depends on how well you can control your character. Ducking and diving are worth learning to pass this arena, or you will fall out all the time. This arena will make you hold your breath until the end.


1. The Whirlygig

Fall Guys

Ranked number one on our list is The Whirlygig. This is the ultimate Fall Guys arena. Players must go through spinning horizontal and vertical fans that can send them soaring through the air. With multiple sections, each section just keeps getting harder and harder. The Whirlygig has perfect areas to troll, trick, and annoy opponents. Once you try out this arena, you are going to be surprised at how fun this challenge is.

That’s our list on the best and worst Fall Guys levels. We’re looking forward to what Mediatonic and Devolver Digital have in store for the game in the future. We’re hoping for more crazy, fun-filled levels!


Do note that this is based solely on our opinion and you are entitled to your own opinion. If you think that certain levels deserve to be in a different spot, let us know in the comments below! We would love to hear your thoughts.

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