10 Arcade Games That Deserve the Arcade1UP Treatment Next

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For the last couple of years, Arcade1UP has been the go-to brand for reliving your favourite arcade gaming memories. With titles like Street Fighter IIBurgerTimePac-Man and even Frogger, there has never been a greater way to spend time in the arcade without using a time machine.

But despite resurrecting some of the coolest arcade titles on the market, there will always be more that we’d love to see brought back from the dead. You can check out our favourite arcade games here, but before you do, let’s look at 10 Arcade Games That Deserve the Arcade1UP Treatment Next.



(TAITO, 1987)

operation wolf

Operation Wolf always appealed to young gamers lost in the arcade, because it had an Uzi attached to it. Never before had these pre-pubescent punters ever had the chance to hold one of the world’s most powerful firearms in their hands, let alone blow bad guys to kingdom come with it!

Optional Extras: The obvious choice would be Terminator 2: Judgement Day, but also why not adapt classics like Shootout to operate with the weapon? Or even Cabal?



(KONAMI, 1998)

dance dance revolution

It’s not so much the game, although Dance Dance Revolution was a belter, it’s more that we’d love to see Arcade1UP release a genuine dance machine onto the market, and this would be a great place to start.



(NAMCO, 2001)

taiko no tatsujin

Before Guitar Hero, there was Namco’s Taiko Master series in which players beat the shit out of a couple of Taiko drums, just for the Hell of it. The series was incredibly fun and interactive, and at the time there just wasn’t anything else like it in the arcades. There certainly isn’t anything like it in your games room which is why it would make an excellent addition to the Arcade1UP catalogue.

Optional Extras: Any of the Taiko Masters games could be incorporated into the cabinet, including the 2013 Japanese exclusive Wii U edition.




double dragon arcade

No self-respecting arcade cab collector could ever say their collection is complete without a spin on the Golden Age-era Holy Grail: an actual Double Dragon cabinet, just like the one released by Technōs Japan in 1987.

You don’t even need to know much about video games to remember this iconic beat-’em-up, that followed brothers Billy and Jimmy Lee as they battle their way across the city, displaying their dominance through an ancient otherwise fictional martial art known as Sōsetsuken.

Arcade1UP already has Final Fight and Golden Axe. Adding Double Dragon is the only logical next step.

Optional Extras: Bad Dudes Vs DragonNinjaStreets of Rage



(SEGA, 1998)

house of the dead 2

Sure, Big Buck Hunter is cool, but if you’re going to adapt a light-gun shooter for an Arcade1UP cabinet, then surely The House of the Dead, or rather The House of the Dead 2 would be a much cooler option.

Perhaps shooting animals is more acceptable to some people than shooting brain-eating monsters, but we’d much rather do the latter than the former, and seeing as a game like Time Crisis would probably struggle on an A1U board, this would be a great back-up choice.

Optional Extras: You might as well just go for a House of the Dead cabinet, with at least the first 3 games included.




wwf wrestlefest

We’ve covered WWF WrestleFest numerous times here on TBG, but that’s because it’s simply a great arcade game, and in this writer’s humble opinion, the greatest wrestling video game ever made. It’s one of those often overlooked classics that always had a queue of kids waiting patiently to smash Demolition with a Doomsday Device, or have Big Boss Man serve hard time at the hands of Hulk Hogan, and it’s honestly a shocker that this hasn’t already been considered for an upgrade at the hands of Arcade1UP, especially given the popularity of video games among many of today’s top WWE Superstars.

Optional Extras: WWF Superstars and why not throw in WrestleMania: The Arcade Game for a laugh?



(SEGA AM2, 1993)

Daytona USA

Star Wars already proved that a full cabinet with seating is a possibility, so why can’t there be a sit-down racing game added to the catalogue? Sure, it would be expensive, but that’s the price you pay (no pun intended) to bring an authentic arcade racer into your own home.

Daytona USA was one of SEGA’s most successful arcade games ever made, and would go onto critical acclaim. This influential and entertaining racer works best as a 2-player, but given the potential cost implications, an Arcade1UP adaptation might need to be single player only, which is a bit of a bummer.




dragons lair

Dragon’s Lair is, simply put, legendary. Animated by 2D genius Don Bluth, the game was a pioneer of the then ground breaking LaserDisc tech that was designed to breath new life into a video games industry that was in danger of growing very stale.

The original arcade cabs were almost impossible to get near, unless you were willing to queue to get into your local arcade and lay the smackdown on all the other kids who’d had the same idea. It can be found in the Smithsonian Institute alongside Pac-Man and Pong, and is more than deserving of a place in your very own games room.

Optional Extras:  There have been sequels, all of which have appeared on the recent Nintendo Switch release, so they would make the most sense to include in the Arcade1Up cabinet.



(CAPCOM, 2015)

luigis mansion arcade

Didn’t realise there was a Luigi’s Mansion arcade adaptation? Don’t feel bad, neither did we until quite recently. Getting a licence from Nintendo might not be easy, but glossing over that potential sticking point, can you imagine owning this modern marvel, complete with a detachable vacuum to hoover up those ghosts?

Optional Extras: Donkey Kong or even Mario Bros. would be perfect added extras.



(KONAMI, 1991)

the simpsons arcade

If you ask us, The Simpsons is (not was) the greatest arcade game ever made. Even if side-scrolling beat-’em-ups aren’t your thing, there’s a very good chance you still enjoyed playing this acclaimed adaptation at least once a night, whenever you visited your nearest arcade.

Developed by Konami, it is a picture perfect reproduction of the mega-popular TV series, which arguably was much better at the time the game was released. Players control any (or all) of the family members as they try to rescue baby Maggie from the clutches of evil billionaire Monty Burns. It’s no wonder she shot him in the Who Shot Mr. Burns? saga.

The recent Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles release has proved that multiplayer arcades are possible, so really the only thing standing between us and this becoming a reality is the 2020 licence holder, who we can only presume is a large mouse living in Florida.


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8 thoughts on “10 Arcade Games That Deserve the Arcade1UP Treatment Next

  1. Tron is my Number One want to be done, Tekken 3 would be another great one… Yep, Dragons Lair is coming really soon.
    Agree on the #1, Simpsons is a classic… Thou Tron still my personal got to have…
    Any AM2 game in my opinion be a great one, Yu Suzuki/AM2 is one that really pushed the Arcade Gaming into a Next Level, time and time again.

    1. Tron. I own 10 Arcade1up units with no plans to buy anymore.

      But Tron would be a day 1 pre-order for me.

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