Nintendo Switch System Update Ver. 10.2.0 live, should you update?

System Update Ver
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Well, the latest update for our favoured consoles is here and this is what Nintendo tells us:

“General system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience.”

I decided to download the new software and write down my findings. 2 min 26 seconds is the time it took for my Switch to download and restart with the latest update. Since Nintendo doesn’t care to say exactly what was improved I took a look around.

Nintendo Switch

Traversing the plays page seemed more responsive when moving from profile, to friend list, to online play invites and so forth.

I poked around the eShop and noticed I can browse the names of games prior to their thumbnail loading, but then the eShop crashed on me. Connection to the server was lost. While loading, the N64 Mario was stuck in place. In a moment or two, I was brought back to the Nintendo home screen and yes, I’m still connected to the internet. I tried again and it’s just a mess, thumbnails are taking forever to load. Is this just me?

The news area is very snappy and I’m seeing great improvements here. It takes but a blink of the eye to move from one channel to the next and now I may make use of these news channels.

Posting a photo to Twitter from the images page was a success. I had recently been having issues with this but it seems fine.

I’m not sure what other areas to test so, for now, I would not recommend updating to the latest software. For more information, you can visit the official Nintendo website here.


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